An illegal government has no place in society

Dear Editor,
I give wholehearted support to former President and Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo on the statements made at Babu Jaan. He was just expressing the wishes of the people of this country in clear clarion tones — that we are not, I repeat: that we are not — going to put up with an illegal party and government anymore. The sooner the PNC-controlled Coalition gets this message, the better.
And if they think we are joking, or this is some idle threat, then let Granger allow the expiry date of March 19 to flit by? March 19th is the D-Day for Granger and this illegal regime, and dire would be the consequences,
It was Nigel Hughes, who said that whenever Dr Jagdeo speaks he ought to be taken seriously, and it seems that this stark reality has not registered in the minds of the PNC so far. So they persist with this nonsense that there is no looming constitutional crisis; that the Government is intact and nothing untoward would befall the regime. Well, they are ever so wrong!
For starters, we are going to be in the streets heckling, shouting them down, whenever they come out to fool the people. We are going to chase them out! That is what we will do to a regime that does not want to go. That is what you do to a government that is illegal, and whose sole intention is to rig the election to stay in power.
We are going to petition the Courts, Caricom and the International Community to hold them up against the standard, which is the Constitution of our country. We will peacefully protest, we will prevail!
The International Com-munity will revoke visas and institute travelling bans on the ministers, their families and close associates. They will freeze, if not confiscate their bank accounts, because they would have been illegal. See what took place in Zimbabwe, and closer home in neighbouring Venezuela? These are the consequences the PNC would have to endure when they do not respect the Constitution. When illegal regimes decide to squat, they do so at their own peril!
It is the PNC’s belief that the International Community, (especially the USA) “loves” them so much that they would prop them up at all cost, never mind their illegal actions. Well, they need to wipe that thought out of their minds, because the reality of that situation is the USA is utterly embarrassed by their actions and want them out. Their behaviour has become so obnoxious that even their friends in the ABC countries do not want to see them, far less to have to spend any time longer with them.
The USA has seen them for who they are — a brainless, greedy and grasping bunch that can be compared to Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Their time for a second chance has long gone past the endurance level, and something radical has to be done to get rid of them.
Further to our discussion is the sobering thought that we are going (we have already begun) to instruct those permanent secretaries not to affix their signatures to any document purporting to pay those squatters after March 19th, because the law requires them to do so. And if they break the law, which some of those political appointee PSs are inclined to do, we will drag them before the court to recoup monies owed to the state.
There are a slew of options available to the Opp-osition post March 21, which would not be pleasant for the regime. However, let me sound the alarm to the underlings in Government: please heed our warnings, because Granger will not be there with the court costs to get you out of trouble. Granger wouldn’t be in a position to use state funds – he would be safely tucked away behind the presidential immunity. He that hath an ear, let him hear!

Neil Adams