Granger and history

Dear Editor,
Mr David Granger is made out to be above the fray. In the chat groups, even ‘neutral’ persons say that it’s not his fault there is corruption in this current Government. In particular, the Ministers are blamed for everything; from the drugs bond scandal to the Durban Park fiasco.
The list of woes of this Government is too long to be encapsulated in one letter; or, for that matter, in one paper. It all started with a vulgar increase in salaries for the Government members. Was Mr Granger NOT aware of this? Did he NOT sanction this vulgarity? OF COURSE HE DID!
The Drugs Bond fiasco: a minister was removed and given another ministry, maybe giving the impression that he was culpable. But then the same Government continued to pay to a supporter tens of millions of dollars for the rental of a bottom house. Was Mr Granger NOT aware of this? Did he NOT sanction this vulgarity? OF COURSE HE DID!
Every single misdeed of this Government has to be laid directly at the feet of Granger, President of Guyana. If he is not culpable, then why did he do nothing about it? He is definitely not above the fray.
The latest fiasco, in which he is trying to say, “Oh, it’s not me!” Elections!
Can Granger, President of Guyana, tell this nation and me why the Guyanese taxpayer gives GECOM BILLIONS of dollars EVERY year, if not for them to be READY at all times? What are they doing, sleeping and collection money until elections? What salary is Patterson, Chairman of GECOM, collecting? What is the salary of the CEO, Deputy CEO and all the highly paid officials of GECOM? Why are we paying them if NOT to be ready at ALL TIMES? Or at least to be ready in 3 months? That’s what our constitution says – Elections MUST be held within 90 days of a successful no-confidence motion!

Granger, President of Guyana, does not have the capacity, it seems, to be separate from Granger, the leader and strongman of the PNC! This is a travesty in itself. As PNC strongman, he looks out for his party, but as PRESIDENT of Guyana, he MUST look out for ALL Guyanese and all of Guyana. He must, first and foremost, uphold the Constitution of Guyana. He is definitely not doing that. He often said his idol is Forbes Burnham, and he seems to have re-established the paramountcy of the PNC.
GECOM is clearly taking its instructions from him and his party! He, the PNC strongman/President, chose a biased person to be chairman of GECOM. This was proven over and over and over by the way the chairman uses his casting vote — always in favour of the PNC. So GECOM is no longer balanced, it is 4 PNC and 3 PPP/C!
Mr Granger, history will judge you harshly. Your attempts at ignoring the Constitution of our fair land and not performing your duty as President will be recorded for posterity, and your name will always be tarnished! Your antics and tricks will be dissected in classrooms, and students of history and democracy will be taught how not to behave in politics in a democracy.
You still have a chance to do the right thing by the Constitution and by the Guyanese people! Just DO IT! History will be the judge!

Vishwa Mahadeo