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Dear Editor,
I am quite pleased to hear Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan suggesting that the licences of hotels caught involving themselves in trafficking in persons (TIP) would be revoked. For too long, the character/future of women has been destroyed by this unscrupulous act because of their vulnerability, and with the crisis in Venezuela, women are being taken advantage on, and I personally believe this is the most sensible thing the Minister ever suggested since taking that portfolio.
At present, the authorities are doing an amazing job combating this wanton plague affecting the good name of our country. They have a long way to go, and society should assist to show that it cares. There’re many people offering jobs, and when the women go, they are being taken to strange areas, threatened, and forced to do whatever the crooks desire.
But, then again, I will be looking on to see if this suggestion ever materialises; because, in Guyana, we have many in authority who partake in this illegality when it suits them, and I hope suggestions are not being put forward to betray us.
Editor, the recent incident with the part-time hotel at Parika caught the media’s attention, but following the story, I didn’t see any action being taken against the hotel for allowing an underage school girl into the hotel. I believe that’s a criminal offence, and appropriate action should have been taken.
Similarly, there are many places harbouring underage children during school hours, and when caught, no action is being taken against them. We have too many school drop-outs and lots of places/people creating an environment to welcome them and make them temporarily satisfied with their actions/judgment.
The relevant authorities should explore the possibilities of persecuting them to the full extent of the law. At present, the school drop-outs’ rate is extremely high, coupled with the increased usage of drugs, crime and AIDS

Sahadeo Bates