An open letter to the so-called guardians of our oil wealth

Dear Editor,
My discourse today is an open letter to Glen Lall and all of his minions as it relates to oil deals with the Government of Guyana. So, let me start at the beginning, are those who claim to be safeguarding Guyana’s oil wealth aware of the fact that the deal struck some years ago was done by a legitimately elected Government?
Yes, the oil deal finalised between the then Government representative Raphael Trotman was legitimately done and legally binding between oil giant Exxon Mobil and The Government of Guyana. This cannot now be disregarded or glossed over. There can be no discussion on Guyana’s oil deal without taking this aspect of our history into account, this salient fact must be dealt with in any discussion.
This was a deal struck way before the no-confidence vote of 2018 and as such was legally in force. This was not a bogus deal as some may want us to believe, or should I say a deal signed between BK International and Former Finance Minister Winston Jordan. Everything in the oil negotiations and subsequent signing was done in an atmosphere of legality between the Government and the oil magnate. So, the latest hue and cry of Glen Lall and his associates crying shame on the PPP/C Government about a lopsided oil deal is ill-advised and misdirected.
If anyone is to be made accountable for the lopsided deal it is the PNC-led coalition now in Opposition and no one else. This is the cabal that lied to the people and in turn squandered our nation’s sovereign wealth. So this foolishness where some fly-by-night experts and pseudo-experts are coming forward to hypocritically petition on our behalf, they should stop the crocodile tears and ask themselves what agenda they are really championing. Are they championing the Guyanese cause for a better oil deal, or are they on a political mileage campaign, or like I said, looking for a job?
I believe it is the latter, while some are definitely getting their newspapers sold, others are crying desperately to get a job here. In either case, they need to think again. The new Black and Indian Christopher Columbuses of the day are exposing themselves rather than putting forward anything of worth. Where were Glen Lall and oil experts when the coalition was in power? Were they in the final stages of Alzheimer’s Disease? And the answer is, they were right here, in silent agreement with the PNC! These are the people who let the people of Guyana down.
So, in closing, when people go to the polls and vote a party into power, they are actually entrusting their future development in the hands of those individuals that form the Government. You are asking them to sacredly manage our resources so that our lives can be improved, not only for us but for our children also.
The people of this great country saw the need and this caused them to vote the PPP/C into Government. The people are quite satisfied with that party managing our affairs, so we have placed our country in their safe hands. The PPP/C as a caring and devoted Government has in these last two years demonstrated that they have the ability and wherewithal to govern fairly and equitably. They have a cadre of men and women who can take this country to greater heights of development and prosperity.

Neil Adams