And the absurdity…

…at GECOM continues
To her credit, the Iron Lady was all ready to belt out her song, but she had to observe the forms of this new kind of theatre of the absurd the PNC’s brought to Guyana. Even though the CCJ had provided the lyrics, CEO Lowenfield had to literally hand them to her before she could go on. And as your Eyewitness had predicted, Lowenfield wasn’t going to play ball – even with jailtime staring him in the face!! He was going to go down defending his old Force Commandant Granger’s Hail Mary.
So, in the face of the Iron Lady’s pellucid explanation of his duties in reference to producing the Elections Report, Lowenfield showed up and delivered a LETTER explaining why he wasn’t delivering the report!! He needed “clarity” on several of the instructions. For instance, he claimed that if it wasn’t GECOM’s job to determine the credibility of the elections’ numbers, then what was the point of the Recount Order 60? This, of course, was the identical argument of the Counsel for Eslyn David back in the day in front of Justice Holder!!
But he (or his PNC handlers) is conveniently overlooking that even their own Appellate Court ordered that “valid votes” be counted, and this is what the Recount process had delivered!! Lowenfield should go back and look at each of the Statements of Recount and Certificates of Recount and he would see that each of them certifies “VALID” votes counted from the March 2 elections!! And as the CCJ reminded all and sundry, the word “valid” as it’s related to votes had been made very clear in the Guyana Constitution and the enabling legislation, and the Court of Appeal’s insertion was quite banal and redundant!!
It’s Lowenfield who arbitrarily inserted the further qualification of “credibility” to the recount votes, and snapped his fingers and voila! made 115,000 valid votes disappeared!! Never mind that in so doing he’d arrogated to himself even greater powers than an Elections Court to evaluate the hearsay allegations of the PNC’s “irregularities”! Courts, after all, insist on evidence and throw out hearsay!!
Another limb on which Lowenfield jumped to seek “clarification” was ROPA Sec 96, which he claims stated that he, the CEO, must supply votes counted from “Statutory Representatives of the Returning Officers” and it’s from these he can allocate the seats garnered by the contesting parties. But since he’s being instructed to extract his numbers from the Recount, then he wouldn’t be complying with this requirement!! But Sec 96 has no such stipulation!
In any case, what your Eyewitness wants to know is: who were all those GECOM representatives who conducted the Recount, if not statutory reps of the RO’s??

…descends into farce
After delivering his letter and listening to the “clarifications” he was purportedly seeking, Lowenfield suddenly exited the Commission meeting to enter an ambulance that had just arrived with sirens blaring, and had the waiting media workers jumping frantically aside to save themselves!!
Everyone wondered whether it was a repetition of Mingo’s GPHC sojourn for a still undetermined heart condition,
but it wasn’t. Lowenfield quickly exited the ambulance and bounced back into the GECOM meeting. The press did wonder how the Ambulance Service knew that Lowenfield needed some medical emergency intervention – oxygen?? But it was soon all explained.
As soon as Lowenfield was told by the Chair that he had to submit his Report just as he’d been instructed on July 9th, and the letter was being prepared, he announced that he’d received a “death threat”!! How or when wasn’t explained, as he left immediately. Your Eyewitness figures that this was what the Ambulance manoeuvre was all about!!
He’d been told in no uncertain terms that he’d better not buckle!!

…will return
Lowenfield’s supposed to bring his Report today at 11 am. But we know no matter what was explained, he ain’t bringing no Report.
Will the Iron Lady rise like Joan of Arc to save the Republic and compile the Report herself??