APNU/AFC has lost rationality, fairness and morality

The overtures by the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) to continue to insult the intelligence of not only Guyanese, but our bilateral development partners whom they have no qualms begging for aid, speak tangibly to the core values, or lack thereof, that characterise the body politic of the coalition.
The baby boomers who had first-hand experience of this culture of the PNC, which has now transmuted itself into APNU/AFC, already knew what to expect. With the millennials now experiencing the same thing for themselves, the move by the party to try to invalidate the 2020 elections will only embarrass and isolate it further.
Many have watched and heard in disgust the continued pushing of false narrative by the APNU/AFC that the March 2 polls were rigged in favour of the PPP. This continual stream of allegations of electoral fraud is contrary to the position taken by President David Granger, who told the world on March 3, 2020 that the elections were “free, fair, and orderly”.
It should also be mentioned that the credible and transparent conduct of the elections was reinforced by GECOM Chairperson, Retired Justice Claudette Singh, all the accredited observer groups (OAS, Commonwealth, EU, Caricom, Carter Center, PSC) as well as the diplomatic community.
As one letter writer stated, hardcore elements within the PNC are so immersed in holding onto power that they have become consumed in it, and in the process have lost rationality, fairness, compassion, and morality. The fraud perpetrated by those aiding the APNU/AFC, starting with Region Four Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo, was not only clumsy in content, but was also daring in modus operandi, having been committed in full view of the world.
It is clear that the APNU/AFC’s current posturing is further exacerbated by the fact that their only intent for assuming the reins of power is for their own self-interest. While there are multiple examples that can be used to demonstrate their self-interest, one only has to look at the US$40,000 per month that they are willing to spend on a lobbying firm to make their actions seem just and intelligible.
The contract that they signed with this company is for one year. This translates roughly to in excess of $98 million per year, or $8 million per month. This spending has to be contextualised against the backdrop of the economic and pandemic constraints that are afflicting Guyanese.
There are countless persons who have been laid off and who have no means of fending for themselves and their families. A party that has its country at heart, or even its own constituents, would see it fit to utilise that $98 million to help them during this recessionary period. Eight million dollars per month can go a long way in helping the multitudes who currently cannot help themselves.
What is clear is that the APNU/AFC has lost the 2020 elections, having failed in its attempts to rig and remain in power. The Caricom-supervised recount process unearthed the fraudulent moves to transgress the will of the people, and based on the moves by the APNU/AFC to continue to derail the process, it is only logical for one to conclude that this party would try everything within its power to discredit anyone and anything for its own fraudulent purposes.
Such reprehensible actions and conduct by any political party could inevitably lead to its demise as Guyana’s political culture slowly moves from blindly supporting parties based on race to supporting parties based on their morals, adherence to the Rule of Law, and proposed developmental policies.