Another googly…

…from the PNC?
Well, we KNOW the PNC were up to something when they dropped to their knees, pleading for that one-day stay of the CoA’s dismissal of their appeal…and we KNOW it wasn’t good for the rest of Guyana. Sadly, even their own supporters know this, but yet most are bound by their primeval loyalties, and won’t only go along…but actually push them to play dirty pool; even those beleaguered masses who turned up at Granger’s old home to collect “COVID relief”. Tragic that the PNC would prolong their misery.
Whatever it is, we also know it’s going to be a political googly. You know, you expect the ball to spin to leg, but it goes to the off-side! Their 24-hour stay expired yesterday at 2pm…and so far, we haven’t heard anything. And when that happens with the PNC, you’d better start worrying!! It’s the calm before the storm… but from which direction will the storm hit?? Granger turned himself a full 360 degrees and once again unctuously declared that he’ll “abide” with the GECOM Chair’s declaration.
Does anyone believe him? Really? After he’s been changing his mouth faster than his bucktas over the past year and a half!?!
Granger’s part of the misdirection brigade, folks – to make us look in one direction while they’re setting up the action directly opposite. So, when he says he’ll “abide”, this simply means his henchmen are busy as beavers ensuring there will continue to be no declaration by Claudette.
Yes…just like that!! Your Eyewitness can’t say exactly how the PNC’s going to do it this time – his mind is incapable of descending into the stygian, labyrinthine darkness that’s the PNC’s mental norm!!
An appeal to the CCJ?? He wouldn’t put it past them, but he figures that, using the cover of Emancipation Day, they’ll enrage their supporters today by painting a picture of an imminent and certain return to slavery if the PPP were ALLOWED to return to office.
They’ve already laid the groundwork in the last year. If their Washington Lobbyists can try to rile up Democrats via the Black Caucus, that the Republicans are conspiring to prevent “the only Black President” in the Americas from taking office, imagine what’s going on inside Guyana on the ground today!! It’s a very dangerous strategy and will, at the very minimum, further widen the fissures in our society.
As we saw in the sixties, when the PNC’s directly fanning the flames, things can get out of hand. If your Eyewitness is correct in his assessment, external forces will be the only entities that can prevent our PNC-induced political crisis from spiralling out of control.
He hopes he’s proven wrong.

…on PNC corruption
One of the main reasons the PNC/APNU/AFC sneaked into office in 2015 was because they threw so much corruption mud on the PPP that some of it inevitably stuck. That and incumbency did the PPP in. But like they say in physics, action does create its inevitable “reaction” – equal and opposite to the original action.
So, lo and behold, the PNC became enmeshed in so much corruption during its five years in government that it dwarfed even their wild CLAIMS against the PPP! Their corruption “reaction” defied the laws of physics!! Let’s not regurgitate Durban Parkgate or Pharma Warehousegate and such like.
We can do worse that analyse the venality in the COVID Hospital scam they just pulled. The PNC was cynical to use COVID as a political tool to shut down the Opposition, but who figured they’d stoop so low to fill their pockets? But here it is they took over a campaign financier’s bankrupt hospital for $400,000,000 and poured $1,000,000,000, which is now claimed to be $1,600,000,000, into it!
Without any tender!! Or any accounting!! Campaign debts AND lawyers’ bills being paid??

…on bankrupting Guyana
The Chronic boasted that US $3.6M was deposited into our account at the NY Fed for our 2% royalty on oil production.
Good thing the PNC can’t get their hands on it. They’ve already bankrupted the treasury!