AOAG condemns violent, completely lawless behaviour

Dear Editor,
The Aircraft Owners’ Association of Guyana Inc (AOAG) strongly condemns the violent and completely lawless behaviour that occurred on the 28th June, 2022 on the East Coast of Demerara.
We join the nation in the call for justice for Quindon Bacchus, and reiterate our confidence in our justice system. We must let the system function. We lend our support to the grieving family.
We are confident that the system will provide fast, efficient, and accurate investigations in this case.
Violence has only increased the amount of suffering we feel as a nation and as a people.
The AOAG always supports the right to peaceful protest and freedom of expression within the rule of law. We will never accept nor tolerate those who attempt to use this tragedy as an opportunity for violence and endangering the peace and the lives and properties of others. We fully support the security forces in their enforcement of the law and the maintenance of peace and safety of our neighbourhoods and country.
As patriotic Guyanese, we must come together in support of one another when violence threatens the peace and challenges the rule of law.

Aircraft Owners’
Association of
Guyana Inc (AOAG)