NY organisation condemns racist violence on East Coast

Dear Editor,
The New York Guyana Democracy Project (NYGDP) joins the President of Guyana and other individuals and organisations in condemning the looting and robberies, and the racist violence unleased on Indians and the destruction of (including arson on) their properties (buildings, market stalls, vehicles, and goods).
The organization’s President, Dr. Tara Singh, former Senior Lecturer at UG, says he categorically condemns the violence that has been motivated by race. In a press release, the organisation says that the racial violence that was portrayed on phone, computer, and TV screens on Tuesday June 28 is a stark reminder of how far race baiters and bigots affiliated with Opposition politicians and irresponsible media operatives would go in encouraging unjustified attacks on Indians just to push their political agenda.
The organisation noted that no Opposition politician or Opposition-affiliated media has condemned the violent attacks against Indians. “Opposition politicians and their supporters have been silent”, it claims.
The NYGDP says it deplores the hateful environment, willfully stoked by Opposition politicians, that contributed to these atrocities against Indians. “When public figures see injustice, an attack on a people on account of their race, they must speak out forcefully and as strongly as the President did. Otherwise, they are complicit in the aggression and oppression carried out by others. One cannot be neutral when there are racist attacks in a nation.”
The organisation feels that those engaged in the anti-Indian attacks must be brought to justice. “They must be found, and made an example and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”.
NYGDP also calls for support for the victims. “The country must bond together in solidarity, empathy, and support for the victims. We support the Government’s decision to give just and fair compensation to the victims for their losses”.
The organisation also extends condolence to the family of Mr Bacchus, who allegedly was killed by a Police officer, urging a quick investigation into the shooting. “We seek justice in this case, too”, says the organisation in its release.
The organisation also condemned the threat against the President.

New York Guyana
Democracy Project