Vulgar display of aggression, theft

Dear Editor,
The recent attack on the market vendors by political operatives posing as protesters is nothing but a cowardly, racially-motivated, domestic attack. It is unconscionable that they would attack the hard-working people of our country in such a vulgar display of aggression and theft.
Our society must stand together against the perpetrators of this vile act, and ensure they are treated as outcasts in our peaceful quest for prosperity and civil order in our nation. People were even insulting His Excellency and his family when he visited the location. Threats of bodily harm against His Excellency must be taken seriously. They have become utterly disrespectful and increasingly dangerous.
The GPF has shown indifference too many times when these acts have negatively impacted the supporters of the PPPC. Where is the pursuit of law and order independent of race or political affiliation? It is clearly lacking, and the GPF needs urgent reform and restructuring to ensure that the pleas of Indians do not fall on deaf ears.
The GPF must reflect those whom they serve. The majority of the nation’s population is Indian; this must, at a minimum, be the makeup of the GPF from the top down. Otherwise, these acts of terrorism will continue without resistance from law enforcement, especially given the strong political affiliation with the Opposition.
As His Excellency the President correctly said, the perpetrators are trying to derail the country. Such aggression should not be tolerated! There is no place for it in a One Guyana agenda. The CRG calls on the Government to conduct a CoI into these heinous acts, and to ensure that the perpetrators are dealt with accordingly within the limits of the laws of our land. This is very similar to the robbery and destruction carried out during election protests. The modus operandi of these acts of domestic terrorism are very similar. Luckily none of our women were raped and killed.
The time has come for the Government to put an end to domestic terrorism, and to deal swiftly and decisively with those involved in domestic terrorism once and for all!

With concern,
Jamil Changlee