APNU/AFC No-Confidence Motion is absurd

Dear Editor,
The Opposition A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) filing of no-confidence motions against Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony and Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn is ludicrous.
This is something so absurd it’s laughable – through obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, and eccentricity meriting derisive laughter by all Guyanese.
The Opposition Leader has further exposed himself to more embarrassment through public opinion. It is evident that Guyanese continue to have confidence in the performance of these two competent PPP/C Ministers to continue performing their duties.
Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon is the one who is incompetent. Hundreds of thousands of Guyanese people have lost confidence on several fronts in his ability to serve as Opposition Leader. The Opposition Leader is the one who continues to “consistently and repeatedly misinform the public and the National Assembly that the APNU+AFC coalition won the 2020 General and Regional Elections,” which every Guyanese knows is a blatant and disrespectful lie.
The Opposition Leader continues to undermine the democracy of our country.
Additionally, the Opposition Leader has “recklessly continued to misinform the public and National Assembly regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, dissuading Guyanese from taking the Sputnik vaccine, putting the lives of Guyanese families and communities at risk, knowing fully well that he himself took the Sputnik vaccine. His utterances have falsely cast doubts on the vaccine’s efficacy and acquisition, but, moreover, he opportunistically used the September 2020 murder of Isaiah and Joel Henry to incite racial disharmony.
This is a leader who has continuously lied, misrepresented, and misinformed his supporters at every level of Guyana’s political, social, economic, and developmental spectrum.
This is an Opposition Leader who continues to make statements that are self-serving, shameful and reckless, selfish and against the interest of Guyana and Guyanese.
This is the same man who barefacedly tried to steal the 2020 General and Regional Elections in front of our very eyes, Guyanese.
The Opposition Leader has filed of no-confidence motions against Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony and Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn, two Ministers who have worked above and beyond compliance for the betterment of every Guyanese citizen. Dr Frank Anthony has been working tirelessly in exploring all avenues to ensure that our people get vaccinated; this is the only way we can get ahead of the curve and return Guyana to normalcy – a position that has never changed since the PPP/C Government came in to power last November, and it must be clear to every Guyanese that Dr Frank Anthony and President Ali indicated to us that there is no cost to protecting the lives of Guyanese. And that is the only interest of the PPP/C Government.
As our President said recently, “I call on Guyanese to heed the calls of the Ministry of Health, heed the calls of scientists, heed the calls of the scientific community, heed the call of doctors and get vaccinated.”
With reference to Minister Benn, Harmon is claiming that “crime is reportedly spiralling out of control…” which has been debunked too, as the Guyana Police Force has shown that, from a statistical point of view, the Opposition Leader is totally wrong. Minister Benn has showed that “…there was a decrease in serious crimes in Guyana in 2020 by 6.9 per cent. And as for year-to-year figures for 2021, the decline in serious crimes is by 40.3 per cent when compared with the same period last year.
The question that we must all ask ourselves is: Will the Opposition Leader continue to manufacture one gimmick after another as he continues to give his dwindling supporters false hope once again? Just like he did with reference to the two elections petitions, which were thrown out by the court.
Guyanese, it is important at this public health juncture in our country that we do not fall prey to Harmon’s political selfishness. The shameful recklessness he continues to portray as Opposition Leader of Guyana lacks effort and meaningfulness.
The PPP/C Administration and President Ali will stand ready to defend the performance of Health Minister Dr Anthony and Home Affairs Minister Benn in a parliamentary debate. Additionally, the Government is confident that the motion will not succeed.
The Minister of Home Affairs is highly competent, and his Ministry is a modern institution. They strive to contribute to a secure and prosperous Guyana through the elimination of threats to peace and the utilisation of effective border management systems and accepted international security practices, which ensure the preservation of the safety, rights and dignity of all citizens.
The Minister of Health, Dr Anthony, and his team continue to strive to improve the physical, social and mental health status of all Guyanese, by ensuring that health services are as accessible, acceptable, affordable, timely and appropriate as possible, given available resources; and they enhance the effectiveness of health personnel through continuing education, training and management systems.

David Adams