APNU/AFC’s elections declaration is credible signal coup d’état in full swing

Dear Editor,
The coup which started immediately after the No-Confidence Motion on December 21st 2018 is now in full swing. The attempt to disguise the coup d’état through a rigged election is about to be aborted, and a full illegal control of the Government is now being finalised. APNU+AFC have no intention to leave Government, and David Granger has no intention to demit office.
The world spoke out, and continues to speak out, but the time for action is now. Unless the world demonstrates its words are backed by action, the Granger-led APNU+AFC cabal will continue to test people’s resolve. They firmly believe the actions coming will be ones they can live with; and that, in time, everyone will return to business as usual.
Whatever the international community does, APNU+AFC must know they will face a united Guyanese people resisting dictatorship.
Granger stated, in full view of the Guyanese people and the world, that he would accept the results of the recount. He did so with 60% of the recount completed at the time, with the recount fully affirming the SOPs. He stated acceptance with confidence, insisting that the final recount numbers would prove that he had won the elections.
I, for one, did not believe him. I know many Guyanese who did not believe him. His party, APNU+AFC, issued a statement on June 3, 2020, more than three months after E-Day, claiming the results of the recount are not credible, even though with almost 90% of the recount completed, the SORs fully affirm the SOPs prepared on E-Day, March 2.
In other words, APNU+AFC last night took an unequivocal posture – they have no intention of accepting the results.
This political dishonesty has been the hallmark of Granger; he says one thing and then gets his party to take another posture. He did agree to a recount, and then his party tried to abort the recount. He now agrees to accept the results, whatever that result is, and now his party insists the elections must be voided because the recount has unequivocally confirmed the PPP won a landslide victory and that the new President is Irfaan Ali.
GECOM has to declare the results based on the recount,
but APNU+AFC will try to prevent that declaration; and even if GECOM makes the declaration, they will reject it. Make no mistake, they will try to get the court to intervene; and should that fail, they intend to stay illegally in Government by any means. The coup is no longer being disguised.
The recount, through its Statements of Recount (SORs), has done two things; first, it confirms 100% the results recorded in the SOPs produced by GECOM on E-Day (evening March 2, 2020); and second, the recount is proof of the gigantic fraud Clairmont Mingo attempted in order to fraudulently represent Region 4 results. Mingo had tried to inflate the votes for APNU+AFC mainly for the results from East Bank Demerara and East Coast Demerara. At the same time, for many of the boxes from those areas, he also deflated the PPP’s votes. He did so in front of representatives from all political parties and local and international observers, and on live stream for the world to see.
With just a few more boxes to be counted on the East Coast, the PPP will accumulate a greater lead, and Mingo’s fraud will be further exposed. No one in GECOM has tried to hold Mingo and his collaborators responsible for this fraud.
APNU+AFC’s announcement last night (June 3) does not shock anyone. They had, and still have, no intention to do the decent thing and legally leave office and allow the winners of the elections to take their rightful place for a legal Government to be installed. In spite of all their shenanigans, the recount is almost completed, and it confirms the PPP won, just as the SOPs had affirmed.
Now APNU+AFC have created a scenario of dead Guyanese and migrated Guyanese voting. Every day they make objections, naming people they claim are dead, even though these people show up and prove they are still alive. Every day they make claims that Guyanese had left the country and were not present on March 2, but many of these people show up and prove they were here.
The GECOM Chair, acting against her own wisdom, that “those who attest must prove”, tried helping them out to prove their allegations. The Police Commissioner joined the fray, issuing false statements to GECOM, stating that 172 persons, according to their records, were not in the country on March 2.
With people popping up everywhere, rejecting those assertions, the Police Commissioner insists that the departure record is real and those persons came back into Guyana backtrack. But many of these people never travelled out of the country; many have no passports etc. Where did those records come from? Who produced them? Are these another Mingo-style fraud?
The deception is criminal.
Brace yourself Guyana. Granger and his rigging cabal are about to stab us many more times. They are comfortable being dictators. We must stand up to them, let them know their wickedness will not be allowed to prevail. The international community must no longer wait; act now, sanctions must stop the crime already in full swing.

Dr Leslie Ramsammy