GECOM must discharge its duties according to the constitutional mandate

Dear Editor,
We are into the homestretch of the recount of the ballots in the March 2nd 2020 General and Regional Elections in Guyana. In keeping with its mandate, at the end of this recount, a declaration has to be made, wherein there will be the announcement of the winner of the elections.
Now, this is not going down well with the incumbent PNC- led Coalition, because, from all indications, they are going to lose this election; therefore they are in desperation mode to get two objectives achieved: those are, have the chairwoman lay aside the declaration of the winner, or declare the election null and void.
In this regard, their main focus is to create an invented chaos of crazy excuses that the elections were so flawed that they should be considered a nullity. These range from accusations of persons residing overseas yet somehow miraculously being able to cast a ballot, to the downright ridiculous assertion of deceased persons coming out of their graves to vote; the foolishness just keeps coming. However, amidst all of this confusion, GECOM must — and I repeat, GECOM must — steady the course and discharge its duties according to its constitutional mandate.
Like I said earlier, GECOM must stay within the ambit of its mandate; that is, to discharge free, fair and credible elections – which it has already done; as well as to deliver the final results of those elections. Barring this, the Commission would be held in contempt of, or otherwise in violation of, the Constitution. I hope the Chairwoman takes note of this fact.
For any election to pass the acid test, it must be based on the orderly conduct of persons in a free and fair manner, being able to cast their ballots, and the counting of those ballots towards the final decision of a winner. An election is not based on the whims and fancies of anyone’s opinion, or on the allegations brought on by sore losers.
Neither your opinion nor mine is relevant to the outcome of an election. The outcome of an election is based solely on the votes cast and the results therefrom.
Therefore, at the end of this recount, we eagerly await the declaration of the winner. I rest my case.

Neil Adams