APNU is a blatant and unashamed election thief

Dear Editor,
As the CoI into the March 2020 General and Regional Elections continues, more and more startling revelations are being unearthed to show us the barefaced attempt of the APNU party to rig the elections.
I say the APNU because they are the crime partners who are known to be of notoriety in the finer details of rigging. They have done this for decades now, showing scant regard for this country becoming a pariah for the dastardly deed. Thankfully, this was averted by the rule of law and the quick actions of the international community.
Having said this, I would like to ask the PNC/APNU a few important questions. In the first place, for a party that constantly harps on the subject of a bloated electoral list, I would like them to show us which list Mingo and Lowenfield based their declaration on, or from which list was their declaration extracted?
Are they telling us their declaration was made from the same list that they now abhor? Meaning that this list was suddenly transformed into a gloriously clean list, giving a victory to the APNU while, in the same breath, that list was fraudulent and vile enough to exclude the PPP/C party of a victory?
Doesn’t it add up to the proverbial peeing in our eyes and calling it rain? I think it is all of the above. So, the PNC need to stop this nonsensical act of trying to make a fool out of the Guyanese people, thinking that we are ever so stupid that we could not see straight through their evil scheme.
Secondly, in an age of instant messaging on social and other media fora, one could not evade the fact that everything was being videoed item by item as the evil saga unfolded before our very eyes. There is no hiding from the fact that this party was, to use the words of the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Bruce Golding, “transparent in the act of electoral rigging.”
I cry shame on that party and all those involved in this reprehensible act. I am also crying out for justice, full and complete, for all those involved. Never again should such an atrocity grace our shores, ever!

Neil Adams