APNU needs to run on its record; not run from it

Dear Editor,
We have entered the final days of campaigning for the 2023 Local Government Elections (LGE) with early voting by members of the Disciplined Services and candidates making their final pitch to voters for an ‘X’.
Thus far, the campaign shows that the PPP has overwhelming political momentum ahead of the June 12 polls.
The party has benefited from the fact that several Local Area Authorities (LAA) are not being contested because the Opposition did not field candidates for those areas.
The PPP has won over several APNU supporters and independents, particularly in the latter’s so-called stronghold areas of Linden, New Amsterdam, and Georgetown.
Social media is being flooded with advertisements from the PPP that highlight the horrid track record of APNU/PNC in managing the affairs of Georgetown.
Given the 50-plus years that the Opposition has maintained control of the city, one expected there to be more information in the public space about their track record.
Unfortunately, this is not the case. Where are the achievements over the several decades, the ongoing plans and the future plans enhance the city?
Since there appears to be little evidence of a record on which to run for re-election, it is a given that Aubrey Norton has resorted to overt smear tactics, smoke screens, and mirrors.
A few weeks ago, I listened to the PNC Leader, Aubrey Norton, at the launch of the party’s LGE campaign. His utterances were directed at the PPP as if it was a national campaign with several reasons why not to vote PPP.
I am aghast that APNU can feel justified in presenting excuses for the poor management of Georgetown, our capital city.
When the party is not making excuses, it is conveniently attributing blame for the obvious mess to the governing PPP, which is threatening to seize control of the city through the ballot box.
The PNC candidates must run on their track record, not on lofty plans for the future.

Yours truly,
Anson Paul