Appeal for President Ali to intervene in road repair works at Parika

Dear Editor,
This is a direct appeal for President Irfaan Ali to intervene in the current works taking place on the main road linking Parika to Hubu.
Repair works commenced on this road some months now, but, to date, one is left in disbelief to see the level of poor work being done. In some areas, the workers are digging up the road and leaving it like that for a very long time.
The contractor seems to be in no hurry to finish the work, and some parts of the road are in a poorer state than when he commenced the repair job.
For years now, road users, especially motorists, have been frustrated at the road’s condition. Many persons have complained that their vehicles have been badly damaged while navigating huge potholes. Pedestrians have also been forced to walk in mud and huge potholes to avoid the oncoming traffic.
When it was announced that road repairs would commence, we all felt some relief. However, we are dissatisfied with the manner in which the work is being done, and would like to register our concerns with the hope that the President would intervene.
The contractor and engineer should be called in and asked for an update as to when the project would be completed.
I should mention that this is a farming community, and the farmers in this area contribute significantly to feeding the nation. There are also many loggers and sawmills in this area, and they contribute to the housing boom in the country. Many children also use this road daily to get to and from school.
Mr President, the political representation in this region is very poor. No one seems to care, in spite of several complaints having been made by residents in regard to the condition of the road, the communities being flooded, the market being in deplorable condition, and many other concerns.
Mr President, we believe you mean well for Guyana. Your proactive approach to running the country, by meeting with the people on the ground, is very encouraging; and we understand that you may not be fully aware of what is happening in every community. On behalf of all affected residents, I am therefore bringing this matter to your attention with the hope that you would intervene and get a better understanding of the problems we are facing.

Yours truly,
Concerned resident
of Parika/Hyde Park