Archery Guyana continues to participate in competition

International Virtual Archery Competition…

Archery Guyana proudly fielded two archers at the 60X ISOL Remote Shoot Competition held on 31st May 2020.

Robert Singh completing his term under the watchful eye of Coach Umasankar Madray

This was the ninth stage of this novel Virtual Archery Competition, wherein approximately 100 archers from 16 countries from as far away as Norway, Australia, Britain, Belgium, and even closer to home – British Virgin Islands – participated.

The aim of this competition is to keep archers focused on

Winnette Lawrence

maintaining fitness and competitiveness during the worldwide quarantine that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Guyanese Winnette Lawrence and Robert Singh competed in the 30m Compound and the 30m Recurve Bows categories respectively. Both categories comprised of two sessions, each with 36 arrows.
On his first venture at this competition, Robert Singh scored 556/720 and placed 7th in a group of nine archers. At the end of the competition, Singh said it was a tough competition with high-calibre archers producing high-level scores.
Singh noted that while he was satisfied with his performance, he recognises there was much room for improvement.
This is her second venture in this competition, and Winnette Lawrence pointed out that she experienced issues with her equipment, which affected her performance. She scored 563/720.
Lawrence previously explained how the competition works: “Registration had to be done online, and we had to choose which session we would shoot, and distance. Because of lockdown, some persons had to scale down their target face to suit a distance. For inspection of the bows, we had to take a picture of it as well as the target face, and send online. They also send a QR code for you to log on and send scores. After every end, we had to send a picture of arrows in target for scoring.”
In that Sunday’s competition, Winnette Lawrence regrettably experienced equipment failure. In a statement, she said: “My stabilizer broke and my sight got loose. I am placed 12 out of 12, but still proud of myself to continue to the end amidst the failure of my equipment; so, I blame myself 75%. As an elite archer, being placed 182 in the world, I should have known to always check my bow and arrows before going into a competition.”
The next stage of this Virtual Competition is stage 10, scheduled for June 7th, 2020, and Archery Guyana is working towards having its members continue to participate.
Archery Guyana urges Archers with access to ranges or home facilities to participate. All archers are mandated to observe their national health and safety requirements and the World Health Organisation’s guidelines pertaining to controlling and preventing the dreaded COVID-19 virus.