Archery Guyana gets closer to the target

Archery Guyana is expected to benefit from advanced training techniques and skills when its Outdoor Champion (2018) Robert Singh leaves for San Fernando, Trinidad to participate in a development coaching seminar with the world-renowned South Korean Archery Coach Kim Hyung-Tak from 18th to 21st May 2019.

Robert Singh entering the loading stage during one of many practice sessions at the Carifesta Sports Complex ground

Coach Kim started archery in 1967 when archery was first introduced to Korea, and in 1971 he became the first Korean archery coach. He then studied and further developed archery techniques for archers.
He established the fundamentals of Korean archery by passing on archery know-how to Korean coaches and athletes from 1983 to 1986, ‘nurturing’ the first gold and bronze medals at the 1984 LA Olympics and several world records. From 1989 to 1994, he led the Taiwanese national team to a world class standard.
For 12 years, since 2002, as elected Coach Committee of the World Archery Federation, he has conducted seminars, coached archers across the world, and participated in developing a coaching manual.
Coach Kim has provided opportunities to several archery coaches and archers across the world by publishing the Kim Hyung-tak archery book. Current Korean archers follow this coaching manual which was published by Korea Archery Association in 2012.
In 2004, he opened the Kim Hyung-Tak Archery School, and over 2000 archers from 40 countries have since trained at this training centre, many gaining success at Olympics and World Championships.
At present, many archers and teams are training at Coach Kim’s training centre. He participated in the 2015 Summer Universiade as a compound coach of the Korean national team, and nurtured 3 gold medals at individual, team and mixed team events. He popularised new compound techniques to Korea which have helped propel Korea to be top of the world rapidly.
Coach Kim utilises the dart fish video programme to analyse the technique of archers accurately, so that they can gain better results in a shorter time frame.
Archery Guyana wishes Mr. Robert Singh success at this seminar. This exposure will assist in developing both Robert Singh and the sport of archery in Guyana. This also forms part of his preparations for the Beginners/Developmental Competition being hosted in Santo Domingo in June 2019.
The Board of Directors extend thanks to the Southern Archery Academy Ltd of Trinidad & Tobago for extending this invitation to Guyana. This seminar will also help to foster relations between our Caribbean archery associations/federations.