Are they going to abide by the law?

Dear Editor,
The question on everyone’s mind is, are they, meaning The PNC-led Coalition, going to abide by the law? From all indications, they are not prepared to do so, and this poses a problem.
The Opposition Leader has already stated in clear and unambiguous language that the Granger Administration is illegally occupying the seat of Government since the passing of the no-confidence motion, which clearly states that upon the successful passage of that motion, The President and his Cabinet shall resign and call elections in 90 days. Our constitution hasn’t changed and this aspect of it must be, I repeat, must be upheld.
We are in the second month of its passage and the PNC Government has shown no signs of resigning nor will they set an election date. They have shown scant regard for the laws of our country. This is a dangerous precedent being set here. When a party in Government can show such gross contempt for the laws of the State, we know where we are headed.
This means that the Granger Government is not prepared to abide by the rules, so what’s next? What comes next is that upon receiving the decision this week, this vindictive dunce of an Attorney General is going to file an appeal; which means that we are in for another wave of foolishness way up to the CCJ.
But wait Mr Williams, I want to ask you a question. Why waste State funds on such nonsense when you full well know that you cannot win but will have to come back to the place where respect for the law of the land is supreme? And my second point is, the people of this great country are watching and they would not be kind to you in the next election so my advice is do the honest thing sir.
My final point is more of a statement of fact, and that is, do not risk Guyana becoming a pariah state. We are already on the brink with that visionless and incompetent rule and you have burdened us these three and a half years.
It is high time for us to break loose from the shackles of slavery in which you have held us. We cry out for rescue! Our only hope is in The PPP/C!

Neil Adams