CWI develops a Coach Accelerator Programme

Cricket West Indies (CWI) has developed a new Coach Accelerator Programme to assist in the development of regional coaches, with the aim of preparing them to lead and effectively coach our professional teams.

WI Head Coach Richard Pybus has a word with Shimron Hetmyer

The programme, which will begin in mid-April, will be individualised, coach-centred, and delivered in the coach’s usual team-coaching environment. CWI will also be using the programme to assist it in its search for a full-time Head Coach for the senior men’s team.
This specialised course is only available to coaches with a minimum qualification of Level III.
CWI wants those interested to be made aware of the programme and advises that owing to limited spaces for this course, it will assess the replies received and respond by March 8, 2019 indicating whether an applicant was successful.
While CWI will place value on this succession planning programme in its recruitment drive for a full-time Head Coach, the recruitment process will also consider regional coaches who have been unable to participate in the programme.
Persons can indicate interest by sending a cover letter and CV to the email address [email protected] by February 8, 2019.