Armed bandits rob, beat gas station employees

Five armed men on Thursday night held up two employees attached to the RP Service Station at Mon Repos

RP Service Station at Mon Repos Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara
RP Service Station at Mon Repos Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara

Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara, and relieved them of a quantity of cash but not before assaulting them.

The incident took place at about 23:30h.

Reports are the bandits drove into the service station in a white car without registration plates and ordered the pump attendant, Dhareswar Budhai, 59, to fill the car’s tank.

The men then exited the car and held the pump attendant and Sheik Hassan, 55, at gunpoint and relieved them of $14,200 in cash, two mobile phones, and several cylinders filled with cooking gas.

The victims were then beaten about their bodies. They were locked in a washroom at the back of the service station while the men made good their escape.

Speaking with Guyana Times, owner of the service station Rabindranauth Prasad explained that it was the first time his entity has been robbed.

He noted that based on what was told to him, the men entered the service station and ordered the pump attendant to fill the tank with gasoline. One of the men then exited and asked to use the washroom, located at the back. On his way, he reportedly accosted the security guard and ordered him into the washroom.

As the armed man went back to the front, four other occupants of the car exited and cut the chains to the cage in which the gas cylinders are kept. Prasad noted that the men took out 19 cylinders and packed them into the vehicle.

“Based on the surveillance footage, the car then drove away, leaving two of the bandits behind… it appeared as though they were returning but soon after the two who were left behind saw a few soldiers walking on the road, they ran away,” Prasad stated.

The businessman went on to say that immediately after the incident, a minibus turned into the service station but after the driver did not see the pump attendant, he called out to the man who answered from the washroom. They were let out and contacted the Police.

The man noted that the entire incident was caught on camera and the Police are reviewing the footage.

The establishment has been in operations for the past two years. (Bhisham Mohamed)