Pedestrian killed in ECD accident

A pedestrian is the country’s latest road statistic following an accident at Triumph Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara, on Thursday evening.

Dead is Seenauth Persaud, 54, of Lot 84 Agriculture Road, Triumph Village, ECD.

According to reports, the dead man was crossing the road when he came into the path of a car bearing

Dead: Seenauth Persaud
Dead: Seenauth Persaud

registration number PKK 2320.

He reportedly sustained severe injuries. Following the accident, the injured man was picked up in an unconscious state and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he succumbed while receiving medical attention.

His body is at the GPH Mortuary awaiting post-mortem while the driver is in Police custody assisting with investigations.

Sandra Persaud, sister of dead man told Guyana Times that her brother would do odd jobs in the area.

“He use to stay with some people is Suraj Drive but he is someone who never stay one place too long”, the woman stated. She stated that she was at home Friday morning when someone informed her that her brother was involved in an accident.

She said she immediately contacted the Beterverwagting Police Station but was told she has to visit the station. There, she was told that her brother was stuck by alleged drunken driver and died at the hospital.

The woman added that the driver, who was in custody at the time of her visit, gave the family conflicting reports about what transpired on the night her brother was killed.

“One time, he tell we that he de going to Georgetown, the other time, he say he did going Mahaica but he admit that he knock down meh brother,” the woman added.

She recalled seeing her brother alive a few days ago when she pleaded with him to return home but he refused. He had moved out of the home some time ago.

She added that he was the only brother she had left after two others died in 2011.

Meanwhile, another relative who resides in close proximity to the accident scene, told Guyana Times that she was sitting on her veranda and saw a crowd on the roadway but thought it a two-vehicle collision. However it was until Friday morning that she leant of the man’s death.

Persaud was never married and had no children. (Bhisham Mohamed)