Armed bandits terrorise, rob Timehri resident

Two masked gunmen on Saturday carried out a brazen daylight robbery on a Timehri, East Bank Demerara home, leaving the wife of a businessman traumatised.
Reports are two armed men attacked Veronica Jadunauth of Lot 5 Reid’s Avenue, Timehri as she was entering her home at about 11:30h. The gunmen forced their way into the home behind her, and held her at gunpoint as they demanded that she take them into the lower flat of the house. While there, the bandits demanded jewellery and money, but Jadunauth held out that she did not have money at home.
One of men gun butted the woman while the other ripped out the telephone cable which he used to bind her. The gunmen used one of the woman’s dresses to stuff her mouth.
Guyana Times was told that the men then ransacked a bedroom in the lower flat of the house, but came up empty handed. They then proceeded to the upper flat, where they ransacked the three bedrooms but again came up empty handed.
The armed men, who were described as tall and dark in complexion, went back into the lower flat, where they collected a projector and a few other items, including about $6000 and a mobile phone. The traumatised woman said the ordeal lasted for about 30 minutes.
The men then made good their escape by running towards the back of the yard and into the bushes.
After a struggle, Jadunath managed to untie herself and contact her sister-in-law, who alerted other relatives of the robbery.
The woman’s husband and son were subsequently contacted. When Guyana Times arrived at the scene, the visibly shaken woman was crying out for pains to her head.
She related that prior to the attack, she was at the washing area in her yard.
“As I was heading into the house I heard footsteps, and as I looked around, I saw the two men running towards me and I screamed,” she recalled.
She added that their faces were partially covered with cloth and they were carry small black guns.
“I screamed but one of them hit me to the head with the gun…they then ripped out the internet and telephone cables and take off my clothes and tell me if I scream more they will kill me”, she noted.
She stated that the men asked for money, but she told them that her husband only restocked the business on Friday and they did not have any money.
“It was then one of them tell me that they know I was at the shop yesterday (Friday) and ask for the sales.”
The Police arrived at the scene about an hour later, searched the area, and took statements.
Several footprints were seen in close proximity to the house, and upon following same, they led to an abandoned house nearby.
Residents in the area reported that a heavily tinted car was seen traversing the area early Saturday morning. The car was reportedly seen parked in one of the cross streets with its engine running.
The Police have launched an investigation. The victim was taken to a medical facility.