Assassination plot backfires: Hitman shoots ‘boss’

A 33-year-old man who is believed to have organised the death of an associate is in critical condition under Police guard at the Port of Spain General Hospital after he was reportedly shot by the same man he hired to kill a businessman.
Police said the suspect met with his intended target, a 35-year-old Sangre Grande businessman, at El Socorro South at about 10:354h on Thursday to discuss a personal issue.
The businessman told the suspect to get into his car to talk, but he was hesitant.
After a while he got in and while they were talking, a gunman hired by the suspect fired at the car, hitting both the target and the man who hired him to do the killing.
The businessman was shot in the left shoulder and the suspect was shot in the chest.
The Emergency Response Patrol for the North Eastern Division was called and took the businessman to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex and the other man to the Port of Spain General Hospital.
Newsday understands the businessman’s six-year-old daughter was in the back seat of the car but was unharmed.
Police believe the gunman did not expect the man who hired him to be in the car.
Investigators said they are still looking for the gunman and said the shooting may be related to the finalisation of the businessman’s divorce.
It came shortly after a release was circulated over an alleged plot to kill prison officers.
Newsday trieed to contact Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson for confirmation but was unsuccessful. (T&T Newsday)