Athletics back on track on Sunday!

With the requisite permission finally in hand, the Athletics Association of Guyana will – this Sunday, February 14 – host their first meet of the year at the Track and Field Facility at Leonora, West Coast Demerara.
The AAG were supposed to get a move on last weekend, but the lack of timely response from the National COVID-19 Task Force had hindered their plans. Now President of the AAG, Aubrey Hutson, is expecting lots of excitement from the nation’s speedsters as they begin a busy year.
“Well, I honestly expect great competition. A lot of our athletes have been training for a long time. And like what’s happening around the world, people are opening back to competition in a secure way. We, too, plan to do the same,” Hutson told <<Guyana Times Sport>> during a telephone interview on Thursday afternoon.
In that discussion, he revealed, “You know, sanitisation is our key, key issue here to deal with, especially (in regard to) the long and triple jumps.”
The AAG has strict plans in place for the meet, in keeping with the COVID-19 Guidelines set out by the Task Force.
“We plan, every time an athlete lands in that pit, to actually spray it out before a next athlete goes into it. We’re gonna do the temperature checking of every athlete as they come into the venue. (As a) matter of fact, every person that will come into the venue, whether athlete, official or coach,” Hutson explained.
Further, he disclosed that the Association is looking to conduct a livestream of the event to appease athletics fans who would not be allowed in the Leonora Track and Field Facility.
“We’re putting plans in place (in regard to) this live stream, and so we are asking, kindly, that the fans stay away; you will not be permitted to come in,” he explained.
Hutson is confident that the athletes will put out great performances in both the track and field events. One event that he has a close eye on is the 100M sprint, which is first up on the schedule.
“We expect great performances. You know, the 100 metres looks like it is going to be exciting. A lot of the athletes looking to check to see where they are in terms of performances, so they could know what they can do with limited time left between now and July for the Olympics,” Hutson noted.
The AAG President added, “So this first developmental meet is the start of great things that we expect from Guyanese athletes this year.”
The athletics action is slated to begin at 10am sharp. (Jemima Holmes)