Copa Airlines rewarding a Hole-in-One for Valentine’s

Copa Airlines have set the bar high by setting their first prize as a chance to win a Roundtrip ticket to any destination they fly during their HOLE-in-ONE golf competition which starts on Friday.
Interested golfers, or even the ordinary man, would be tasked with visiting the Nexgen Golf Academy on Woolford Avenue (Scouts Association Ground) from 4-7 pm Friday to Sunday, and hit a ball into the hole in one shot in order to fly away on their dream trip with one of the world’s largest airlines.
Copa Airlines, The Guyana Golf Association, and Nexgen Golf Academy will also bring the Hole in One contest to Berbice, Linden, Essequibo and Leonora as a part of the grand promotion of the game.
Anyone can participate, with the competition being divided into four categories: women, children, beginners’ men and experienced golfers.
Additionally, for the entire month of February, patrons can get a free shot at winning a ticket (one try per person). The sponsors will provide everyone with access to equipment and balls to take part in the contest, and even provide a lesson for anyone who wants to try.
This is the first of many activities planned by Copa Airlines and the Guyana Golf Association to bring golf to every school and region across the country in their stated goal of making the sport, a fully COVID-19 compliant activity and a household game.
With multiple innovative 3-hole courses planned for various regions, more and more exciting events will be held, and GGA President Aleem Hussain feels confident that golf will become a major sport that would rival cricket and football in a very short time.
“Guyanese youths have incredible talent, and only lack facilities and opportunities to play golf; something that we are focusing on providing. The Ministry of Education has done something amazing, opened up the sport to children, a programme now being copied by other countries.”
Hussain has pointed out that Melissa Dow-Richardson, former Assistant Director of Sports, Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture, in 2019 highlighted the fact that golf was on the CXC/CAPE syllabus. that jumpstarted the creation of a programme which was fully realised over the past few months by the Allied Arts Unit, CEO of the Secondary Schools, and Minister of Education.
With teaching programmes currently underway in Regions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10, and a national rollout scheduled for August, it’s only a matter of time before every household would have a golf player and all Guyanese will have access to a sport that was previously only seen on television.