Atrocities committed on Guyanese

Dear Editor,
I see that former President David Granger, who was a complete failure during his tenure in office, is trying to attack the PPP/C government over steps taken to ensure state properties are secured, and that these assets are no longer exploited by APNU/AFC cronies.
Granger, whose party was caught trying to rig the elections, trampled on our democracy and subverted the will of the people. He lacks the moral authority to lecture anyone. His cronies, who were living the good life by exploiting state resources, need to be told the gravy train has come to a halt.
His cronies, some of whom own properties but were still living in Government housing facilities, need to be told there is a change in Government, and they no longer would be able to exploit our resources.
Many of his cronies, who were drawing super salaries without doing any work, need to know that the new PPP/C government is about productivity in the interest of Guyana.
His cronies, who were handed contracts even after he lost the elections, were forewarned.
Granger and his cabal need to first answer for atrocities committed on the Guyanese people over the last five years. Granger and his gang need to seek the forgiveness of the Guyanese people, and not be too worried about the PPP/C government’s aggressive efforts to right the wrongs committed on Guyana by the incompetent APNU/AFC cabal.

Eddy Layne