Aubrey Norton and team’s visit to Black Bush Polder was a comedy show

Dear Editor,
Please permit me space in your section of the newspaper to refer to a purported visit by Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton and team to the Black Bush Polder in Region Six. I must note that I must have missed this visit, although I have been living in the farming community for several years. Was this a secret visit? How many farmers were engaged? Did they only speak to two “alleged farmers”?
This is all so baffling to me and others within Black Bush Polder, because PNC/APNU, whatever they refer to themselves as, has never taken a keen interest in the agriculture sector. As I recall, agriculture and farmers suffered tremendously during the rule of PNC/APNU /AFC.
They noted that there were “key concerns raised” during their so-called visit, and that the PPP/C were accused of discriminatory practices for the cash grant distribution. I would like to mention that thousands of farmers, including me, benefitted from the flood relief cash grant distribution, and in addition to that, we have been offered assistance through the Ministry of Agriculture’s extension services to alleviate our issues as they develop.
At no time were we left to stand alone when it came to assistance, and the frequent visits during the flooding and after by the Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, and his team are a testament to what good governance and concern for the people mean. I recall in 2017, under then Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder, cattle farmers lost hundreds of cattle in the Cookrit Savannah as a result of heavy flooding, and the then administration did nothing! How dare the Opposition try to appear as though they are the saviours, when they are clueless when it comes to agriculture?
The Opposition Leader also said there was lack of a clear agriculture plan. These people cannot be serious! What agriculture plan does the Opposition have, or have ever had? Farmers’ complaints were never addressed under the PNC/APNU, and we were certainly never taken seriously; but these people only know the value of farmers when it is time to build their portfolio for the next elections. It is then that we hear all the promises of what they will do and what plans they have. Utter hogwash!
Norton and his followers cannot walk a day in the shoes of Minister Mustapha and his government, even if they try. He has done more for farmers than they have under their administration. Minister Mustapha has always been inclusive when it comes to providing assistance and relief to farmers, and has never hand-picked whom to help or not. His numerous visits to the communities within Black Bush Polder have provided residents and farmers with opportunities to express themselves and highlight concerns, while being provided with short-term to long-term solutions.
The Opposition, whom I consider one of the weakest opposition parties I have ever seen, cannot manage their internal backbiting and issues within their party, but want to manage an entire country. I refuse to believe that there are people in this country who still listen to the empty promises made by these people. The people of Black Bush Polder reject the Opposition!

Yours sincerely,
Tameshwar Boodhoo