It is appalling that agents of IDPADA-G have stooped so low as to resort to race-baiting

Dear Editor,
The reprehensible statements of the organisation calling itself the International Decade for People of African Descent – Guyana Incorporated (IDPADA-G) have reached new depths of divisiveness, and it has become increasingly clear that its agents are neither interested in the unification of Guyana’s peoples, nor are they interested in the growth and development of Afro-Guyanese individuals and groups they claim to represent.
Nefariously, this group, with dwindling membership numbers, continues to berate Afro-Guyanese who do not agree with the fact that it has hijacked a legitimate global event and created a false mechanism for syphoning monies from the state — an action which it continued to carry out from 2018 under the PNC-led APNU/AFC Government until it was finally stopped by this Government, after it could not properly account for the sums of money it received over the years.
It is evident from the public utterances that those remaining agents behind the private company IDPADAG Inc. are bent on creating and fuelling racial tensions, while making false claims of discrimination. Interestingly, it has never utilised the reporting mechanism of the constitutionally established and aptly diverse Ethnic Relations Commission, which is legally empowered and resourced to investigate such allegations, and has done so for decades.
IDPADA-G does not intend to serve Afro-Guyanese as a whole, but only a select group of Afro-Guyanese, some of whom have deep political connections. Someone would have to be living in absolute delusion to deny the many opportunities for growth and development of all Guyanese, including Afro-Guyanese, created by this Government led by President Irfaan Ali.
Thousands of Afro-Guyanese have benefitted from the Government’s aggressive housing programme, state-sponsored training programmes for upskilling and reskilling, local content framework for oil and gas, cash grants, and salary increases; and many of them are also entering into the world of public procurement as they build their capacity to move from project to project and build their local economies. This is how you build generational wealth, which Afro-Guyanese are happy to be part of!
Any person who is excluded from the clear opportunities that exist now for building sustained generational wealth is excluded by their own doing. We have to grab the opportunities! We have to ensure that we don’t fall into the traps set by the puppet masters behind IDPADA-G.
It is appalling that the agents of IDPADA-G Inc. have stooped so low as to resort to race-baiting, a tactic as vile as it is cowardly. They are certainly disgruntled about the ongoing work to build and maintain a Guyana that recognises differences among our peoples as our strength as we create One Guyana of progress and prosperity for all.
Even after receiving nearly $500 million in taxpayer funding for years, can IDPADA-G say that it has created sustainable opportunities for Afro-Guyanese which significantly improves their quality of living? Who are they really serving?

Afro-Guyanese Union