Away with the obstructionists, the bipartisan approach is best for our democracy!

Dear Editor,
There is great discussion now on in relation to the work and function of the “joinder” parties. These form a group of parties for which the sum total of votes cast was able to gain them a seat in Parliament. In this regard, they were able to command recognition as a political entity, thus changing the landscape of local politics as we know it.
I am on record as saying that this marks a new and sweeping change, as newer voices are coming on stream in the democratic landscape of our affairs. Newer and fresher ideas are being promulgated as we all work towards the development of our country. This is what the inclusive or shared governance concept is all about: pooling of our brain power towards the common good of our native land.
Now, instead of embracing this new and enlightened concept of governance, the main PNC Opposition is showing open defiance to it. They refuse to enter into discussion on anything of a bipartisan or developmental nature. Their reasoning is that, as the majority Opposition party, they have sovereign right to all matters pertaining to governance, and no one else has that right. So, they hop around with that air of entitlement about them.
Well, for the record, their stewardship in Government was a total disaster, to say the least; and to so arbitrarily remove oneself from this new and enlightened form of governance, where the consultative approach forms the basis for policy-making, is a sad day for every member of that party.
It is both stupid and pathetic to resist change, because the entire country now sees them as a party of power-hungry despots, and nothing else. They are not only making that position obvious through their empty remarks, but they are also doing it through the instrumentality of their “political appointees” on The GECOM Commission.
This sort of behaviour is indicative of a party that sees its power and control base slipping away, the end result giving rise to it being peevish and obnoxious.
I must hasten to close as I make the following recommendations: I am calling on the authorities to have the joinder parties take their rightful place in every facet of our evolving democracy.
Of equal rights is their representation on all committees and boards of this country. I am also asking for their presence on the Election Commission.
In Guyana’s futuristic outlook, there is no place for partisan party politicking, those days are long gone. We are now looking towards the future and the developmental mode of things, where every voice of reason, every voice of change, has its equal share. Long live democracy!

Neil Adams