Bandits drop gun, ammo after Linden robbery

A firearm containing several rounds of matching ammunition was dropped by one of the suspects who were being pursued by a resident after the suspects had reportedly used same to rob a Linden businesswoman.

The gun and ammunition found after the robbery

Based on reports received, a 37-year-old businesswoman of Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden was attacked and robbed by two unidentified males on Monday at about 18:52h.
Preliminary reports suggest that the businesswoman was behind the counter of her supermarket when the two suspects, who were armed with guns, entered the premises and demanded cash and other valuables.
The woman raised an alarm and ran to safety, while the perpetrators went behind the counter, collected two boxes containing cash and documents, and made good their escape.
A male who heard the commotion went to the businesswoman’s aid, and upon realising what was happening, drove behind the suspects, who were escaping on foot, and managed to hit one of them. The bandit reportedly stumbled, but managed to get up and run away, leaving behind the box containing the documents.
At the scene, one .38 revolver containing two live rounds of 9mm ammunition and three .38 empty casings were recovered.
Police are on the hunt for the two suspects, whom they believe are still in the area.