Bandits rob Canje businessman, escape with car

A businessman of East Canje, Berbice was on Tuesday robbed some fifty miles away from home.
According to reports, 46-year-old Sahidrul Satar, also called ‘Roshan’, of Cumberland Village, East Canje, was attacked by two bandits, one of whom was armed with a knife while the other carried a firearm.
At the time of the robbery, Satar was at Crabwood Creek (CWC) on the Upper Corentyne conducting business.
Satar, who operates a mobile grocery distribution service, would normally visit customers of Tuesdays to obtain orders, and would deliver on Thursdays.
On Tuesday, while at a shop at CWC, two masked men entered and held him at gunpoint. Satar was ordered to remain quiet while one of the bandits removed $433,000 from his pocket and relieved him of a gold chain he was wearing. He said the men demanded his car keys, and quickly exited the shop and entered the car. They then drove away. The businessman rushed outside crying for help, and a villager who knew him went to his aid.
They followed the bandits into Black Water Dam, which took them into the backlands where the bandits abandoned the car and crossed a trench. According to the businessman, one of the bandit’s masks fell off and he was able to recognise him. He said the men realised they were being followed and fired several shots in his direction.
The car was recovered, and the Police were contacted. Police are on the hunt for the bandits.