Bartica Stelling rehabilitation moves into phase 2

The rehabilitation of the Bartica Ferry Stelling has seen the completion of Phase One, and contractors mobilised their resources to enter the second phase just a couple of weeks ago.

Bartica Mayor Gifford Marshall

This is according to the Mayor of Bartica, Gifford Marshall, who told Guyana Times that this project will improve the aesthetics of the township since it has been witnessing a growing number of tourists on a daily basis.
It is also the primary entrance into the town via vessels and should be constructed to facilitate a large inflow of ferries and travellers.
“Works are progressing nicely on the transport and harbour stelling. Hopefully, we should have that facility by the end of 2019. The first phase is completed and just two weeks ago, the second phase would have started,” said the Mayor.
He added, “On completion, it would be a major project for us in a sense that it is the main entry point for us when you come in by boat so it would definitely boost our tourism. It will also enhance the outlook of Bartica because we have a number of tourists that would visit,” he added.
Last year, an announcement was made that works on the docking area was pegged at $601 million. Phase One would have entailed the removal of a section of the stelling structure and the construction of a waiting room.
The agenda would have also mentioned a complete demolition of the southern section of the stelling, where it would be replaced with greenheart piles.
This publication understands that offices and stalls will be constructed in the future to boost economic activities.
“There will also be some mini stalls and also some other facilities to better provide a service to the people,” he stated.
The second phase of the project primarily involves the extension of the northern side of the stelling to increase safety for vehicles traversing the structure through the construction of a draw bridge.
Back in 2016, the Transport and Harbour Department (T&HD) of the Public Infrastructure Ministry had undertaken rehabilitative works on various stellings and wharves across the country. These works were estimated to be in excess of $311 million.
During that time, there was a complete reconstruction of the northern high ramp, the replacement of defective beams and planks on the Bartica docking area. Repairs were also done to the timber roof valley and the supervisor’s office, as well as the northern fender system. Forty-six piles were driven during these rehab works.