BCB launches Grounds Enhancement programme in Upper Corentyne area

“The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) is very committed to making a positive difference and to take our cricket to another level. We accepted your decision to vote us in as your executives, and it is a mandate we take very seriously.
“In the history of Berbice Cricket, no administration has ever worked (as) hard to assist clubs as the current one, and I wish to assure that, in the coming months, your different clubs would continue to benefit even more as we unveil more projects.”
Those were the words of BCB President Hilbert Foster as he launched another historic programme under his leadership at the Scottsburg Cricket Ground in the Upper Corentyne sub-association area. The programme launched was the BCB Grounds Enhancement project, Foster’s brainchild, and he disclosed that during his countywide travel, the main concern of club executives was their inability to properly prepare their venues, due to the lack of grass-cutting equipment.

Members of the UCCA pose with the grass cutters after the simple presentation

Foster noted that, in the past, many matches had to be postponed due to this problem, and he said the BCB is determined to correct it. Under the programme, the vibrant Berbice Cricket Bboard would be giving to the four sub-associations in the county at least 24 grass cutters. The sub-associations are at West Coast Berbice, Upper Corentyne, Lower Corentyne, and New Amsterdam/ Canje.
Foster has explained the two Corentyne sub-associations would get more of the cutters because of the large number of teams playing there.
Five of the cutters were handed over to the Upper Corentyne Cricket Association on Thursday to launch the programme, and Foster committed to donating another three in the near future.
He disclosed that the BCB has received assistance from long time sponsor Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh and from businessman Jason Sripal of J Supermarket, and had also used some of its own funds to acquire the much-needed cutters.
Foster cautioned the clubs present to take care of the equipment, not to use them for personal work, and to appreciate the hard work of the BCB executives over the last three years.
Clubs in the Ancient County have benefited from donations of cricket gear, water pitchers, coaching equipment, bicycles, stumps, scoring books, educational materials, trophies, medals and cricket balls, among other items from the BCB over the last three years. Those items have been provided at the cumulative cost of more than $15M.
The BCB’s 2021 cricket season would restart as soon as the weather improves and, most importantly, when most of the players are fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.
The BCB has successfully hosted 19 finals for this year, before the season was suspended due to the rising COVID-19 cases; and another 23 tournaments are on hold at the junior, female and senior levels.
BCB Public Relations Officer Simon Naidu has expressed the BCB’s gratitude to Dr Singh for his support over the years, and to Jason Sripal for support of the special project.
Upper Corentyne Cricket Assn President Dennis D’Andrade has hailed the outstanding leadership of the BCB, and has described Hilbert Foster as a remarkable leader who is always on the ground to listen to advice and to offer solutions.
D’Andrade has said that no other BCB leader has visited his sub-association as often as the current President, who has paid over 100 visits since his election in 2018.
The grass cutters would shortly be presented to the other sub associations.