“LGC aiming at 30-31 October for commencement of Guyana Open Tourney”, says Bowling

– Club maintaining COVID-19 protocols

By Timothy Jaikarran

The Lusignan Golf Club (LGC) have continued to impress during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have hosted successful tournaments, and are currently gearing up for the Guyana Open Golf Tournament, which they anticipate holding in October.
In a sit-down with LGC Secretary Chet Bowling, this and more was discussed as the LGC prepare for yet another big year.
The first question directed at Bowling was the upcoming Guyana Open Golf Tourney. Here is where some of the top golfers in the Caribbean gather and do immense battle over two days.

The LGC have continued to upgrade their grounds as the Guyana Open draws closer

“Just today, you know, we had a question from one of the members, you know, saying that a delegation from Canada, from New York, is very interested; so we were discussing the dates. The arrival dates, as you would know or might not know, we have temporarily set the dates for 30-31 October, the last two days in October.
“We wanted to make it a two-day event; make it the grand event. Like I’m saying, we are seeing the interest in what we’re doing, and it’s kind of a follow-up to one of your questions where you’re seeing more involvement of not only the executive, but the wider membership. So, we’re setting up a Guyana Open subcommittee, where we’ll have members of the club and not just executives on the subcommittee to have to plan.
“One of the areas is to have someone dedicated to liaison with Suriname, Trinidad, Barbados, those are the countries that usually send delegations to the tournament. So we have to make complete contact with those clubs. Mind you, this is all you know pending better travel or less travel restrictions. You know Suriname has a very strict lockdown, Trinidad is still locked down, and then there is Barbados.”
Bowling went on to note that, to tackle these issues, the LGC are presuming with vaccination drives things will be more favourable. He related that these countries have been on lockdown, so the club would have someone liaising with those countries.
Bowling insists that the purpose of the Guyana Open is to get those big sponsors as well as the foreign sponsors, and have them come together and playing their part.
The LGC Secretary has said the club are also big on following the COVID-19 protocols, as they also encourage everyone to follow these protocols.
“Regarding COVID protocols, yes. Very early on, you know, we followed international best practice. As you know, gold was reopened, one of the sports that were reopened across the world very early in the pandemic. There’re no rakes on the sand traps, you know, as…when you ball boys in the sand trap, you’re supposed to take a rake and level it. So, we’ve encouraging people to use their feet, and so there is no handling of the rake,” Bowling added.
He went on to state that the club is also limiting the amount of people on a tee box at the same time, relaying that if there are four players in the group, only one person would be driving off from the tee box.
The LGC are also urging their caddies to maintain social distancing, as they are instructing them to wear masks outdoors when they’re on the fairways and with the players as well.
In closing his remarks, Bowling said, “We’re instructing the staff to always wear their masks, and encouraging members to do the same once they’re not having a drink or not eating something. It can be seen that tables and chairs are set up under the trees near to the Club House, so people can sit outside, again reinforcing social physical distancing. So, I think we’ve got the COVID particles covered.”