BCB/Let’s Bet Sports 20/20 Tournament bowls off on Sunday

The long-postponed Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) Let’s Bet Sports 20/20 Cricket Tournament would bowl off across Berbice on Sunday September 16, 2019. The tournament was scheduled to start in June, 2019 but was postponed due to the long rainy season, which lasted until late August. The BCB, three weeks ago, gave all clubs in Berbice adequate notice to get their grounds in order and to start practice, so that they can be match ready.

Tucber Park will have two teams in the tournament

The Let’s Bet Sports Tournament would involve the hosting of four different tournaments for teams in four zones: Upper Corentyne, Lower Corentyne, New Amsterdam/ Canje and West Berbice. Each Zone would have its individual champion, who would then go on to play in a separate tournament to determine the overall Berbice Second Division 20/20 Champion.
BCB Public Relations Officer Simon Naidu has said that close to eighty teams would participate in the tournament, with Upper Corentyne having the most teams:25. Clubs would be allowed a maximum of three First Division Players who are not debarred. Among the debarred players are Veerasammy Permaul, Devandra Bishoo, Jonathan Foo, Romario Shepherd, Eon Hooper, Keon Joseph, Gajanand Singh, Shimron Hetmyer, Jason Sinclair, Joshua Ramsammy, Gudakesh Motie and David Latchana.
All matches would start at 13:00 hours, Naidu said, and teams that turn up late would lose their rights to the toss, while walkovers would be granted half-hour after the scheduled start of a match. Due to the nature of sponsorship, players under the age of 18 years would not be allowed to participate.
Among the teams that would be playing in the different Zones are Blairmont Community Centre, Rose Hall Canje, D’Edward, Cotton Tree Die Hard, Police Sports Club, Edinburgh, No. 19, Young Warriors, Albion Community Centre, Chesney, Fyrish, Rose Hall Town, Whim, Ramnarine Memorial, No. 43, Scottsburg, No. 72 Cut and Load, Dukestown, No. 72 All Stars, and Crabwood Creek All Family.

The Fixtures for the opening rounds are:
Zone ‘A’ West Berbice:
1) Blairmont Com Centre Cricket Club vs Bath Sports Club @ Bath
2) D’Edward Cricket Club vs Blairmont Remnants Cricket Club @ D’Edward
3) Cotton Tree Die Hard Cricket Club vs No. 5 Monedderlust Cricket Club @ Cotton Tree
4) Bush Lot United vs Achievers Cricket Club @ Bush Lot
5) Hopetown Cricket Club vs Paradise Challengers @ Paradise
6) Bush Lot Rising Star BYE

Zone ‘B’ New Amsterdam/Canje:
1) Rose Hall Canje Cricket Club vs Kendall’s Union Sports Star @ Canje
2) Young Warriors ‘A’ Cricket Club vs Kendall’s Union Cricket Club @ No. 19
3) Betsy Ground Cricket Club vs Mental Hospital Cricket Club @ Mental Hospital
4) Young Warriors ‘B’ Cricket Club vs Tucber Park ‘B’ Cricket Club @ Cumberland
5) Tucber Park ‘A’ Cricket Club vs East Bank Blazers Cricket Club @ East Bank
6) Edinburgh Warriors Cricket Club vs Police Sports Club @ Edinburgh
7) Flying Star Cricket Club vs Goed Bananen Land @ Flying Star.
8) Mt Sinai Cricket Club vs Guymine Cricket club @ Mt. Sinai

Zone ‘C’ Lower Corentyne:
1) Chesney Cricket Club vs No. 1 Road Cricket Club @ Chesney
2) Courtland Cricket Club vs Topoo Cricket Club @ Topoo
3) Albion Open Cricket Team vs Nigg Intruder Cricket Club @
4) Belvedere United Cricket Club vs Kilcoy Cricket Club @ Kilcoy
5) RHT Bakewell ‘A’ Cricket Club vs UG Elites Cricket Club @ Area ‘H’
6) Rose Hall Town Tigers vs Tain Block 4 Cricket Club @ Tain
7) Albion Community Centre vs Big Star Cricket Club @ Albion
8) Tamarind Root Cricket Club vs Fyrish Road Cricket Club @ Hampshire
9) Fyrish Cricket Club vs Kildonan Cricket Club @ Fyrish
10) Port Mourant Cricket Club vs Ramnarine Memorial Cricket Club @ Port Mourant
11) Whim National Cricket Club vs Jai Hind Cricket Club @ Jai Hind

Zone ‘D’ Upper Corentyne:
1) Crabwood Creek Sports Club vs No. 52 Survival Cricket Club @ Crabwood Creek
2) Bomb Squad Cricket Club vs No. 43 Scorpions Cricket Club @ No. 43
3) All Family Cricket Club vs No. 70 M.Y.O Cricket Club @ No. 70 M.Y.O
4) Yakusari Horizon Cricket Club vs Yakusari Carib Cricket Club @ Yakusari
5) Dukestown Cricket Club vs No. 68 Darkeners Cricket Club @ No. 60.
6) Radha Krishna Academy vs No. 64 Fighting Marines Cricket Club @ No. 64
7) Scottsburg United Cricket Club vs No. 69 Vikings Cricket Club @ No. 69
8) No. 66 Giants Cricket Club vs No. 48 Challengers Cricket Club @ No. 48
9) No. 69 Red Rose Cricket Club vs No. 70 Spartan Cricket Club @ Red Rose
10) Skeldon Titans Cricket Club vs No. 70 Young Blood Cricket Club @ Skeldon
11) No. 71 Sports Club vs No. 68 Turn Team @ No. 68
12) No. 73 Young Warriors vs No. 72 All Stars Cricket Club @
13) No. 72 Cut and Load Cricket Team BYE.