BCB/Shimron and Nirvani Hetmyer Trust Fund: New Amsterdam/Canje teams benefit from cricket balls, Munisar receives a $100,000 educational grant

A total of 17 cricket clubs in the New Amsterdam/Canje sub area on Friday last benefited from a donation of a box of red balls under the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB)/Shimron and Nirvani Hetmyer Cricket Development Trust Fund. The presentation was done at the St Francis Community Developers with legendary West Indies cricketer Courtney Walsh and current batting star Shimron Hetmyer in attendance.

Hetmyer hands over the educational grant to Ashmini Munisar

BCB President Hilbert Foster disclosed that the Hetmyers in 2022 are investing $1.5 million in the second edition of their cricket trust fund, with a total of $1 million being used to assist close to 90 cricket clubs with a box of red balls. The balls would be used by the respective clubs to either organise practice sessions with their members or to participate in second-division tournaments organised by the proactive Board. Among clubs receiving balls were Edinburgh, Mount Sinai, Tucber Park, Pathfinders, Goed Bananen, Young Warriors, Guymine, Kendall’s Union Sports Star, and Kendall’s Union Cricket Club.
Foster stated that to date, the BCB has already handed over balls to 28 clubs in the Upper Corentyne area and another 14 in the West Berbice sub-association. Another 20 from the Lower Corentyne area would shortly receive theirs under the fund. The BCB President stated that the remaining $500,000 would be invested into the Board’s pro-education programme and a female cricket tournament involving three teams later in the year.

Representatives of the cricket clubs pose with Shimron Hetmyer and Courtney Walsh after the presentation

The Hetmeyers last year launched the trust fund with an initial $1 million and this year increased it by $500,000 as they were very impressed by the way it was organised. Nirvani Hetmyer has made it quite clear that the couple, who recently became parents, have full confidence in BCB President Foster. She stated that they would continue to finance the trust fund as long as Foster remained at the helm of the Board.
The BCB also handed over a cheque for $100,000 to national female player Ashmini Munisar as part of the fund. The donation would assist the national Under-19 Captain to successfully complete her studies at the Guyana School of Agriculture. The BCB, over the past four years, has assisted hundreds of youth cricketers with educational grants and even has a University of Guyana scholarship programme. Foster urged Munisar, who made her senior debut this year, to focus on her educational and cricketing careers. Munisar expressed gratitude to Foster, the Hetmyers and the BCB for investing in her studies and she committed herself to making them all proud.