Behaving …bad and ugly

If there’s one thing about the PNC, is you can count on them to create a stink within their communities whenever the PPP does something positive – to distract folks from seeing through their BS!! Take this boycott of the Independence celebration they staged, which was held for the first time in Linden. This is such a traditional stronghold of theirs they named their town after the PNC’s founder leader – Linden “Fat Boy” Burnham!!
Two years ago, the PPP announced they’d be taking the celebrations to the Guyanese people – who weren’t all in Georgetown, thank you!! They moved it to Lethem and then last year to Anna Regina, but the PNC bitched and moaned that these were regions controlled by PPP RDCs!! So, what did the PPP do?? They announced they’d hold it in Linden!! Now you’d think the PNC would show some grace and accept that the PPP was listening to them!! But no!! Aubrey Norton – after being elected leader to “manners” the PPP – showed his base he was “tough” by not shaking the President’s hand!! What a douche!! All that showed was he was quite uncouth!!
Now in a similar immature manner by boycotting the event that his founder leader had sold his soul for – all he’s demonstrating is he has no sense of proportion. He claimed that the local RDC wasn’t invited to the event – when in fact an invitation was hand-delivered to the RDC Chairman. That worthy complained this was done only 48 hours before!! So he needed more time to order his garter belt and corset??
They could’ve taken a cue from Dr Jagan at the first Independence celebration in 1966 – when the British Union jack was lowered and the Golden Arrowhead was raised for the first time!! Even though he’d been removed from office by manipulations, riots, and mayhem by the PNC and the CIA, Dr Jagan still hugged Forbes Burnham at that moment. For he knew that this was a historic occasion that Guyanese had dreamt about for a hundred years!! It showed that even though he was “cheated”, he was not defeated from loving his country!!
Who do Norton and his PNC clique think they’re fooling?? All they’re doing is mustering their flagging support at their upcoming Congress where Norton might be booted out!! So what they’ve done is expose the all-consuming ambitions that caused them to put themselves in front of the country!! Once again he’s shot himself in the foot –- and he won’t be even able to hobble out of the Congress!!
But hold it!! Could it be they were REALLY boycotting because their conscience pricked them ‘cause Burnham had picked the day of the Wismar Massacre as Independence Day??

If it’s one thing about our Chief Justice (ag) –- she doesn’t mince words when handing down her rigorously argued decisions. Take the latest one where she ruled that former GECOM CEO Lowenfield and his deputy Roxanne Myers – in putatively raising a “constitutional” objection to the criminal charge they were facing for being accused of conspiring to rig the March 2020 elections – were just “trying a ting”!! Just like they’d tried a ting to facilitate RO Mingo to commit the said rigging with spreadsheets and (soiled) bedsheets!!
Their “argument” – if it could be called that – was they were denied their constitutional right when they weren’t allowed to have access to records of meetings by GECOM!! That’s right!! They wanted the confidential minutes to be exposed as to how GECOM conducts its affairs!!
And imagine these folks were actually running GECOM’s Secretariat!!

…like father
Congressman Jonathan Jackson followed his famous father Jesse Jackson to the US Congress and became a leading member of the Congressional Black Caucus. As one who also serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the House Committee on Agriculture, his attendance at the Independence Celebration in Linden shows he can’t be mamaguyed!!