…the dead

Now that the PNC have set the ball rolling, some other political parties are trying to look relevant by electing new executives to take them into the 2025 elections. With most, they’re so irrelevant to electoral politics that they’re only around ‘cause the PNC gave them a lifeline back in 2011, by making them into a fig leaf to cover the PNC’s schlong…err…sordid past!! This bunch decided to forego “executive elections” – which would have exposed their own nakedness – and call themselves “APNU” – even the post that was holding up THAT tent (the PNC) didn’t even give them a nod!!
Of the others from “Long Time”, your Eyewitness bets dollars to donuts the WPA ain’t gonna be holding no executive elections either! Why? Well, in addition to the pipsqueaks exposing their nakedness, they realize that hanging on for dear life on the donut-ring lifesaver of Walter Rodney isn’t serving them well. Rodney’s family have denounced their opportunism in linking up with the PNC which had assassinated the great man. How more cynical than THAT CAN ANYONE GET? Of the micro-parties that popped up like mushrooms on the dung heap of Guyanese politics for the 2015 elections, only one survived. But sadly, they lost out to a squatter on the “joinder seat” they’d concocted with some other nano-parties. They’re so depleted that there won’t be enough bodies to occupy the usual offices parties must have!! But they’ll be there in 2025, though; they represent the declining “coloured” elite in GT!!
And your Eyewitness arrives at the biggest political losers in the history of Guyana – the AFC!! Now, in your Eyewitness’s book, one can be a loser only if one had something to lose!! And let’s face it: the AFC had gained 5 seats in 2006 and 7 in 2011, which made them the most effective “third force” in the land!! They did so by asserting they wouldn’t “join up” with either the PNC or PPP, but would be a counterforce to force them to do what’s best for the country!! But then came Granger with his serpent tongue – offering them the moon and stars if they hitched up and challenged the PPP together.
Ramjattan – who’d been around the (political) block and then some – knew what was behind THAT siren song, and protested a coalition with the PNC would make the AFC “Dead Meat”!! Yet he succumbed. Why? Because of nothing else than greed for pelf and power promised!! He got “Larwah” instead, and today, as the AFC talks about electing a new executive for 2025, the carcass is smelling real bad!! Imagine the “Exec” getting the highest nominations is a shrill shill who rings a bell to attract attention like a fish market woman!!

As the first “Bad Boy” – even before Will “Slapgate” Smith and Martin Lawrence! – Cain had earned his title by killing his BROTHJER Abel!! So, dubbing creating a “ruckus” as “raising Cain” doesn’t even tell the half of not taking the other road!! But then his mother Eve hadn’t set such a good example, did she?? Anyhow, looks like the Government’s sure raising Cain in the wake of the Americans’ allegations of massive shipments of gold leaving our shores. Either originating as “blood gold” from Venezuela, or possibly funding terrorists to do the dirty!!
So far, we’ve seen one Government employee sent on leave; her resignation from the PPP executive; one Cambio losing its licence, and owners of the gold company sanctioned!! The Government’s ruckus will extend into investigations that might lead to major confiscation of properties, bank accounts etc – once the Americans release the details behind their charges, which the Government has requested.
The Government ain’t messin’ around, and a lotta fellas – and felines! – must be shivering in their boots!!

The stereotype of Africa going around with a begging bowl has taken a bit of a hit now that the African Export-Import Bank has made BILLIONS of US$ in credit available to Caribbean businesses!! Thank you, Mama Africa; now it’s up to your children!!