Berbice motorcyclist killed after riding into cow

Dead: Akram Hack

A motorcyclist is now dead after riding into a cow on Saturday night on the Crabwood Creek Public Road, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).
Dead is 22-year-old Akram Hack, a construction worker of Lot 38 Grant 7879, Crabwood Creek, Corentyne.
According to Police reports, Hack was proceeding on the Crabwood Creek Public Road when he collided with a cow and as a result, he fell onto the road’s surface and received injuries about his body.
He was picked up in an unconscious state by the Police and taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital, where he was seen by a doctor and treated. However, as a result of the serious nature of his injuries, the construction worker was later transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital. He, however, died on his way to that medical facility. He was pronounced dead at about 01:50h on Sunday.
Reports are Hack was reportedly imbibing with two friends at a bar in CWC when he left saying that he was heading home for an item.
Munishwar Maniram called “Shatta,” told this publication they were all at a bar and Hack asked for his motorcycle key, telling them that he was heading home to uplift an item.

Akram Hack’s grieving parents at their Crabwood Creek, Corentyne home

“He pick up the key and go away with the motorcycle. About 30 minutes we didn’t see him coming back so we called his phone then we get to hear that he was in an accident and so we go to the hospital,” Maniram said. He said that they rushed over to the hospital and were told that Hack was unconscious.
Meanwhile, his 48-year-old mother, Fazeena Ally said she was at home when she received a phone call stating that her son was injured after riding into a cow and was taken by the Police to the hospital.
“He left and gone wid he friend dem by de rum bar,” the grieving mother told this publication.
Like her 53-year-old husband, the grieving mother has suffered a stroke and both of them cannot walk without aid. The mother of six explained that one of her sons is currently in prison, two have migrated and now Akram has died.
She referred to Hack as being a very comforting person to both his parents as they depended heavily on him for physical assistance around the house.
“What would become of my life now? Me pickney dead,” the grieving mother cried. Hack’s father said that cattle owners in the community are reluctant to take their animals to the ranch in the backlands because they are required to pay for the facility.
Meanwhile, Hack’s body is presently at Ramo Funeral Home awaiting a post-mortem examination. The cow, which suffered a broken leg, has since been impounded by Police. (G4)