Berbice woman hacked to death by husband

A mother of one was on Saturday morning hacked to death by her husband.
Dead is 20-year-old Omawattie Wazi called “Agile” of Lot 33 D Williamsburg, Rose Hall Town, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).
Reports are Wazi and the suspect, Gavin Gill, have been living at Port Mourant Village for the past year but she recently moved to her mother’s Williamsburg, Rose Hall Town, home after her husband of 14 months became abusive.
Guyana Times was told that the young mother moved out with her seven-month-old baby from the matrimonial home about two weeks ago. She started working on Monday last as a sales clerk at a hardware store. However, at about 07:55h while on her way to work on Saturday that her husband struck her down with his car. She was riding a bicycle at the time. This publication understands that the man then exited the car with a knife and stabbed her several times before chopping her with a cutlass.
According to one eyewitness, Subnauth Bickam, after hearing the impact, he rushed towards his gate and saw the woman moving from the bonnet of the vehicle and landing on his bridge.
He said he rushed outside to assist the woman but saw the driver coming towards her. He said that the man took a knife and started stabbing the woman and despite his pleas to get him to stop, he did not. He said that the man then rushed back to the car and came running at him with a cutlass. The man reportedly held the woman by her hair and began chopping her at the neck. Meanwhile, a mobile police patrol was passing at the time and the ranks rushed to the woman’s aid and apprehended her husband. He was taken to the Albion Police Station.
According to the dead woman’s sister, Samantha Wazi, the couple had been married for 14 months, after the suspect returned to Guyana from the United States 17 months ago.
She said that prior to the marriage, one of the suspect’s relatives reached out to her family and advised her sister not to marry the man.
According to the grieving woman, her sister did not pay heed and went ahead and married Gill.
Samantha Wazi explained that one Saturday, the family suspected that the man was abusing her sister but she hid the abuse from her mother.
“He don’t buy milk for the baby and drinking rum all the time. We hear he does beat she bad but she don’t tell mommy. It get overbearing and she come home back,” the grieving sister said. This newspaper was told that after Wazi moved from the home, her husband made several threats that he was going to kill her. This led to the woman applying for and received a restraining order which forbade Gill from being within 100 feet of Wazi, her sister and her mother.
Guyana Times was told that Gill is currently before the court for a robbery under arms charge.
In that case, the police are alleging that he was the driver of the car which transported several bandits to and from a robbery at Corentyne, Berbice. (Andrew Carmichael)