Beware of scammers and impostors

Dear Editor,
This is meant to alert the general public. Scammers and imposters are out plying their trade and the lower East Coast seems to be the targeted area. The popular “church feeding programme” scam is being used again.
The architects of this scam have placed their “programme” under the aegis of Redemption Tabernacle Church located in Victoria Village. Donation sheets are endorsed by Pastor Rodney and Pastor Smith. There is even a cell number: 639-0372.
According to one of the young men, “this is for a good cause, the church is feeding children”. I trust the pastor and members of that local church would use the media to let it be known that there is no such programme.
Churches that want to start feeding programmes, I advise that you approach the Food for The Poor Organisation.
That organisation can be a tremendous boost to such programmes.
Imposters purporting to be utility meter readers are also targeting homes. During this month, two guys on a motorcycle called at my home and asked to read the water meter.
This was a few days after the regular known young women attached to GWI would have done that. I told them to hold a while and picked up my cell phone. They took off on that bike like seasoned racers at the South Dakota Circuit.
Utility companies, particularly GWI and GPL, train your meter readers to be well mannered, respectful and to display their identification cards at all times – not having it around their necks or pinned to the front with the main particulars turned inward and not displayed.
Also, meter readers who are new to an area should let it be known to residents as they move around.
Persons at home I implore you to be vigilant, be alert in light of the current trend.
Should these scammers and imposters present themselves at your homes and you realise it, then do not hesitate to summon the police.

Jerrold Long