Safety was compromised

Dear Editor,
The allegation that at least one of the men recently electrocuted was not wearing protective safety gear (“Man electrocuted while installing cameras at stadium was not wearing safety gear, wife says” SN June 13, 2019), raises seriously the question of safety security for employees engaged by companies in the type of work these unfortunate persons were engaged in.
From reports, it seems the persons were contracted by the company, which might feel it did not have an obligation or responsibility to ensure these persons were properly outfitted to undertake all aspects of the job.
Reports that one of the deceased persons had wire wrapped around his neck is also of grave concern. The fact that a Government agency contracted the company gives rise as to whether due diligence of the company’s ability/suitability was done.
It seems prudent to query whether the company had workers’ compensation/insurance and if not, why not? From reports, it does appear safety was not given the priority it ought to have been given and was compromised.
My condolences to the grieving families.

Shamshun Mohamed