Big Man Cricket T25 tourney promises to “bring the heat”

– Games to be played across Guyana

The COVID-19 pandemic deaths and cases continue to rise in Guyana, and it has come to the point where COVID-19 has become a norm, and things are slowly returning to what they once were. Gyms have reopened to host 50 percent of their membership, while certain sports, with permission from the COVID-19 Task Force, are already gearing up for action.
One such sport is the Big Man Cricket (BMC) T25 tournament, which promises “to bring the heat”, as Guyanese cricket fans will get to see some form of cricket being played after months of no action. The pandemic had stymied the return of action in many sporting disciplines, but the BMC T25 is just the first of many disciplines to successfully jump that hurdle.
Big Man Cricket Guyana is responsible for the Over-45- year-old tournaments being played in Guyana. BMC gives older players another shot at competitive cricket, promotes a healthier lifestyle, and beckons to the glory of donning national and international colours.
There is every expectation that the tournament would live up to its billing, as thus far it would feature 11 teams and would see matches being played all across Guyana from November 22, 2020 to December 8, 2020. If all sponsors are to throw their support behind this tournament, the winners will pocket a handsome sum of $500,000 and the runners-up would earn a cool $200,000.
The tournament will see some of Guyana’s top 45-and-over cricketers attempting to relive their glory days, and every team would be filled with a host of experience and players itching to hit the field.
Games are scheduled to be held at Albion cricket ground; at the Bourda cricket ground; and at Imam Bacchus Ground at Affiance, Essequibo Coast. The final and semi-final matches will be streamed live by some of Guyana’s top commentators.