Big Man Cricket Gets Greenlighted By Cricket West Indies

Our parent body, Cricket West Indies Masters Association (CWIMA) Steering Committee has written to the Cricket West Indies clearly outlining our objectives with the promotion and development of Over 45s and Over 50s cricket throughout the Caribbean and further afield with national, regional, bilateral, trilateral and quadrilateral series of Masters tournaments.

CWI CEO Johnny Grave

CWI in its response said, “We applaud your efforts to promote Over 50s cricket and to maintain the visibility of the West Indies in the global cricketing arena.” CWI had also supported this same body last year in our lead up to putting together a quality West Indies Over 50s team for the March 2020 Over 50s World Cup held in South Africa.
CWI also noted “CWI notes your newly formed Association’s intention to again put together an Over 50s cricket team to represent the West Indies at the Over 50s World Cup in South Africa 2022, as well as your initiatives to promote Over 50s cricket by establishing “Big Man Cricket’ throughout the region at both Over 45s and Over 50s levels”. These efforts and initiatives were applauded by the CWI. These Big Man Cricket tournaments are aimed at bringing out back our former First Class and/or Test cricketers of that era who are now eligible to participate in such tournaments. Many of our former First-Class players could not make the WI teams of that era but they now have another opportunity to showcase their talent on the National, Regional, and International levels.
CWI further added, ”With respect to you and your members’ promoting Over 45s and Over 50s games within the region, we have no objection at this time to such matches taking place, on the basis of our understanding that none of the teams involved in these matches will feature any currently selected or active West Indies cricketers at either international or domestic level”.
Big Man Cricket- Guyana wishes to reiterate that our tournaments will not infringe on any ICC, CWI, or other Regional National teams’ tournaments as they are all geared towards retired cricketers. Another major objective is to keep these players active, healthy, and motivated towards competing for a place in the Over 50s World Cup Tournament in South Africa March 2022. IN FACT, WE REMAIN WILLING TO ADMINISTER THESE TOURNAMENTS IN COLLABORATION WITH THE NATIONAL CRICKET BOARDS IN THE VARIOUS TERRITORIES.
The CWI letter signed by its CEO, Johnny Grave, closed off by stating “Congratulations again on your initiative: we hope your Big Man Cricket tournaments are a success and wish the Over 50s Team good luck in the 2022 Tournament in South Africa”.