Black Bush triple-murder accused committed to stand trial in High Court

The four men who are accused of the triple-murder committed on July 23rd, 2016 at Cookerite Savannah in Black Bush Polder on the Corentyne Coast in East Berbice have been committed to stand trial in the High Court.
Carlton Chetram; his 17-year-old son Jairam Chetram; and workers Tameshwar Jagmohan, 18, of Lot 222 Mibicuri South, Black Bush Polder and Rakesh Karamchand of Sheet Anchor, East Canje Berbice will now be tried before a judge and jury for the murder of Pawan Chandradeo, 37, of Black Bush Polder; his son Jaikarran Chandradeo, 15; and his brother-in-law, Narish Rooplall, 33, of Number 73 Village, Corentyne.
The bodies of the two Chandradeos and Rooplall were discovered with gunshot wounds lying next to each other on a dam at Cookerite Savannah, Black Bush Polder.
Three of the four suspects, along with the wife of one of them, were arrested, and confessed to the heinous crime while implicating another man.
It has been reported that the suspects were in a rice field belonging to one “King”, and were stealing diesel fuel when the trio turned up to catch hassar. Upon seeing the three men, the suspects discharged bullets in the air, forcing the men to run to safety. It has also been reported that one of the men told the others that it was important to get rid of the witnesses.
The shooter, believed to be the 17-year-old, went over to the men and, at close range, shot them each once, killing them on the spot.
It is believed that he used the gun belonging to his father. The bodies were discovered the following day by the owner of the rice field and his workers.
Rooplall had a cast net hung over his shoulder, his nephew had a bag with fish hung around his neck, while the elder Chandradeo had his cast net in his hand. Fish, body parts and blood littered the scene.
During the preliminary inquiry, Attorney- at-Law Mursaline Bacchus represented the accused.