Body in burnt car: DNA test confirms charred remains belong to Bel Air woman

Police have confirmed that the result of the DNA test conducted on the charred remains discovered in a burnt vehicle along the Linden-Soesdyke highway a month ago, is that of Nirvana Algu, a missing woman of Bel Air, Georgetown.
The burnt remains were discovered at about 17:00h on November 12 at the rear of Swan Village on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway. A DNA test was carried out using samples extracted from the burnt remains.

Dead: Nirvana Algu

Reports are that a passerby noticed an Audi motor car, PTT 4651, engulfed in flames and informed the Police.
Police ranks rushed to the scene where they observed the motor car parked in a clump of bushes with the driver’s door open and what appeared to be bones and the skull of a human on the driver’s seat.
The area where the car was found had no houses and more so, the place was extremely dark hence, detectives who arrived at the scene could not gather much information. A party of Police ranks returned to the area the following day to conduct further investigations where they found several bottles containing liquid.
These bottles along with the liquid were sent to the Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory for analysis. The woman was reportedly last seen at about 16:30h on the day in question at Soesdyke Junction, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

The burnt car found at the scene

CCTV footage retrieved from cameras along the EBD corridor showed that the woman was the only occupant in the car. One person was subsequently arrested after the woman’s death but was later released.
A post-mortem performed on the remains stated that she died as a result of burns to the body. (G9)