Driver escapes unhurt after truck crashes into fence

A truck driver miraculously emerged unharmed after the vehicle he was driving suffered a tyre blowout, resulting in him crashing into a fence in the vicinity of Three Friends Public Road, Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).

The truck that toppled at Three Friends Public Road, Essequibo Coast

Reports are that the truck, GXX 7423, was travelling north along the western lane of the roadway when it suffered the tyre blowout and the driver lost control.
This caused the truck to veer into the eastern driving lane and crash into the fence.
According to residents, they heard the loud collision and rushed to the scene.
“We heard the loud noise and when I rushed out, I see the truck turn over with a set of box on the road. A lot of products were scattered such as soap power, bleach, Harpic, green seasoning the big glass bottle and other items. Residents flocked around and then a truck come and they help load up the goods,” a resident said.
This newspaper has since learnt that the truck is owed by a wholesale and retail business in Georgetown and would usually transport large quantities of items to the Essequibo Coast. The owners of the damaged property said that while they are happy that the driver escaped without injuries, they are hopeful that the owner of the truck compensates them or rebuilds their damaged fence.