…the ploy du jour
It’s only the fourth day of the recount, but the PNC’s already confirmed that, when it comes to rigging, they’ve really let Burnham’s “hand fall”! As your Eyewitness said from the onset, the “fix” was always in – no one needed to guess about that. As one analyst described it, with defeat staring them in the face midway through the Reg 4 SOP tabulation at Ashmin’s, Granger and the PNC decided to “gamble for resurrection”.
Meaning: with nothing to lose and everything to gain with rigging, they might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb. Burnham had expressed the move a bit more earthily: “Back to back; belly to belly. Ah doan give a damn; ah done dead a’ready!” But surely, he would’ve never had somebody like Mingo do the dirty in front of all those cameras. And Ambassadors!! Ow man!!
In 1973, after Burnham had his soldiers bring all the ballot boxes to Camp Ayanganna, he could’ve easily had them announce whatever numbers he wanted. But he had them painstakingly fill out new ballots to give him the two-thirds seats wanted. He could always show doubters the ballots: deniability!! How the heck can the PNC ever deny the “Mingoing of High Street at High noon”??
Well, they were given a get-out-of-jail card by the Chair when she agreed to a recount; saving them from the agony of personal sanctions that would’ve been slapped on their sorry a55es by the West if they’d gone ahead and sworn in Granger. Now, you’d think they would’ve learnt from that blunder and try to be a bit slicker as they try to game the recount, wouldn’t you?
Yet, on day one, they ostentatiously brought out a birth certificate – issued just a couple of days before by Felix – to show, as they crowed, a “dead man had voted” in Reg 1!! Well, after more than fifty years of Burnhamite rigging, when not only the dead, but horses voted, jaded Guyanese figure anything can happen. But since dead men tell no tales, how’d the PNC know who the dead fella voted for?? The fact they were able to identify the dead voter pretty much proves he was PNC. He who calls out the dead owns the dead!! If he was PPP, the PNC would’ve snagged him the second he tried to vote. Burnham’s hand fall!
On the second day, the ploy du jour was to claim that an SOP was at great variance from the SOR at Yarrowkabra – reducing PNC votes.
But, within the hour, this was disproved by the PPP just by showing their original SOP!!
How many times will they allow Burnham’s hand to fall??

…Granger’s unctuous claims
Granger just doesn’t know when to stop with his unctuous pose, that have by now been worn so thin that its transparent to one and sundry. Take his dropping to his knees at the drop of a hat in whatever church he happens to be passing. Does he really believe anyone believes he’s a God-fearing fella after he could allow his own candidate to try to block his “agreement” with Caricom for the recount without issuing a squeak?? That was her democratic right to go with her conscience, they trumpeted.
But Granger’s too clever for his own good. If he could allow the PNC candidate Moore to go against his solemn agreement because that’s the democratic right of the latter, how come he and his myrmidons called Charandass “Judas” when he voted his conscience on the NCM?? What’s (democratic) sauce for the goose is not (democratic) sauce for the gander??
Old people do say all smart flies end up in cow’s backside!!

…the end game
Even before the recount started, your Eyewitness explained that the PNC would try to derail it by dragging it out while simultaneously making all sorts of objections – such as the aforementioned dead men voting – and insist they be included in the record of the “recount”.
Cumulatively, they’ll claim these vitiate the recount!!