Boys, 17, 15, arrested for shooting at cops

Two teenage lads, aged 17 and 15 years old, have been arrested for reportedly opening fire at three Police ranks who were on motorcycle patrol along Oronoque Street, Queenstown, Georgetown, on Thursday.
The incident occurred at about 20:45h, when the ranks observed four “suspicious-looking males” in the area. Two of those males were on a red motorcycle, and the other two were on a black motorcycle.
The Police have said that upon seeing the ranks, the four males immediately turned around and proceeded south on Oronoque Street. In the process of the ranks going after them, the pillion rider of the red motorcycle discharged a round in the direction of the Police.
One of the ranks was armed with a 9mm pistol, and he retaliated by discharging a round in the direction of the youths.
After several minutes of giving chase, the ranks managed to apprehend the two males on the black motorcycle: a 17-year-old from Tucville Squatting Area, Georgetown, and a 15-year-old from South Sophia, Greater Georgetown.
A search conducted on the suspects unearthed an air gun in the 17-year-old’s possession. A wound suspected to be inflicted by gunshot was also seen on the teen’s lower right foot. He was accordingly escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital to seek medical attention.
The 15-year-old lad is also presently in Police custody, assisting with investigations.
Meanwhile, Police said on the same day they received reports that a Brazilian national was robbed in the vicinity of Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park, Georgetown by four males on two motorcycles.
Reports are the victim, Francesco Alves De Arujo Junior, a 28-year-old business administrator is currently staying at Roraima Inn located at Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park, Georgetown. He was robbed of $3000.
Police stated that the victim arrived in Guyana on Tuesday and was heading to Eping Avenue after purchasing a meal from the nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).
While in the vicinity of Roraima Inn, he was confronted by the four perpetrators.
The two pillion riders immediately dismounted the motorcycles, and one was armed with a knife which he placed to the victim’s neck. He then relieved the victim of his cash, after which they made good their escape on the said motorcycles.
The victim subsequently made a report to the Alberttown Police Station. While there, he identified the 15-year-old suspect who was in Police custody at the said Police station in relation to the shooting of the officers, as one of the suspects who robbed him.
It is suspected that after robbing the Brazilian national, the suspects came face to face with the cops, and tried to make good their escape.